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Saturday, July 9, 2011

BERSIH, if only you are really CLEAN~~

Yup, another controversial post by the brat, I know, a lot of Bersih supporters will be pissed with my post but I just couldn't keep my thoughts to myself. It felt wrong~~ lols.

I absolutely agree with BERSIH's demand. There should be a better, secure and clean way to how the elections are being held. And ofcourse, dirty politics and corruption shouldn't ever exist. These are the summary of their 8 demands

1. Clean the electoral roll
2. Reform postal ballot
3. Use of indelible ink
4. Minimum 21 days campaign period
5. Free and fair access to media
6. Strengthen public institutions
7. Stop corruption
8. Stop dirty politics

However, so far, this is the only point where I saw Bersih as clean. There are too many other factors that made me doubt this rally. This includes my last post. HERE. Stop corruption and dirty politics? Oh please, my mind is shouting corruption and dirty politics all over this rally. The people are not wrong. In fact, I am confident that they are only fighting for what they believe is their right. But the ones who control this rally is the one I have doubts with (especially ALL politicians involved no matter which party they are from).

So today I saw a few videos posted by one of my blogger friend on his facebook. Let me share it with you guys, and I'll go about what I think about it. Take note, I have no problem with this blogger friend of mine. We're cool. And I am not trying to prove anyone right or wrong. I am a blogger, a brat at that. I am merely stating my opinion.

'm sorry that I couldn't understand this. I just don't see the point. Never has, perhaps never will. It just feel like such a waste of time, energy and effort. I mean, why would you spend your Saturday shouting things that perhaps yourself don't understand? I'd rather stay at home with my family. I barely get to meet them on weekdays.Well, I guess to each a different perspective. 

By the way, did you noticed the chants? I thought this was supposed to be a rally to demand better election system? Why did it become a hidup PKR and reformasi thing? That seems to deviate away from the supposedly purpose of Bersih right? Am I wrong or isn't this a propaganda on the opposition side? This is the very reason why I doubted the Bersih rally. I mean, if you want a better, clean, election, then that is what you should be shouting. What is this nonsense then??? Aren't you just being used here? They claimed that BERSIH 2.0, a coalition of like minded civil society organisations unaffiliated to any political party, then why the mention of any political party at all???

So a person replied, 
doesn't matter what they all chanting about right?..when you do/ did something, you must see the effect of that thing, baru2 nie itu projek MRT sudah naik, faham ker? doesn't matter who rule this Msia, as long as the opposition is strong, the Gohmen at least scare to pijak the rakyat, go and google what Taib Mahmood has done to Srawak, do you want the whole Msia to be like that?

Dear Okoshiboshi,
I agree that strong opposition makes the Government better since it make them more careful of their conduct. At least, they know that the people will NEVER stand by them if they abuse their power and they have other seemingly better choice then the current one.  However, the chants DOES matter. chants are a part of propaganda tool. and propaganda is damn annoying. It's like the classical learning theory. people associate one thing with another thing that was actually caused by something else. By purpose or accidental, ppl will start associating the chants they hear and say with the distorted intention/truth For example, while hearing that some party is better than the other, they saw that there are aggression by the local authorities. Without knowing what exactly had happened, people will jump into conclusion. And the conclusion might proven to be the absolute opposite from the truth. On the note of Sarawak, I'll get back to u when I know more about what happened. 

Another person said, 
well, from what i know, it WAS supposedly a rally to demand a better election system. But the government (i guess) tried to stop it by claiming that it's illegal and requesting the polices to control the situation. I guess the police abuses their power and start to arrest people without thinking (eg, ppl wearing yellow without any intention of supporting bersih). things went messy and now a riot is going to happen.. Kind of a backfire to the government..

Dear SiVL92,
exactly. The government has taken the absolutely wrong measures. They should fire their strategist and find a new better, and perhaps younger one. Seriously, by proclaiming the rally as illegal, they are making people more excited to go. If they had just ignored it, it wouldn't have been such a mess. 
On the police note, we don't see or know the whole truth. Is it really without reason? or do you assume it is without reason? I agree that sometimes (or more) police does things that is unwarranted for.  But they are doing their job. They live and feed their family by following orders. If they don't follow orders, and they don't have the job, or something bad happened to them because they do not follow orders, do you want to take care of their family for them? Their work is already twice as hard and twice as dangerous than other people's job, why make it even more difficult when you don't have to? This rally do make things harder for them. I dunno how much, but one thing for sure, I'd be pretty pissed off if I have to work extra hard on a day I should be spending time with my family or for myself.

This another video posted to show police violence

First of all, do they even have proof that the one assaulting the other person is a plain-cloth police? I'm surprised at how easily people make assumptions. Yes, I saw that the assaulter had not been apprehended by the police, but there could be numerous reason for that. It does not necessarily mean that they are plain-cloth police right? Or maybe if he is. Why aren't there anyone from the crowd try to help the person getting beaten? Are they not human??? 

While I was debating on youtube and giving out my views, there is one person who had the NERVE to accuse ME, the BRAT, NanaEddy, as being UMNO supporter. and that is the reason I wrote what I did.

What the heck???? 

If you do not agree with my views, you can just say that you don't. You don't have to make such uneducated (STUPID) accusation just to make me look bad. I am not affiliated to UMNO in anyway. I couldn't care less which party is ruling the country, just as long as I don't feel wronged. I HATE POLITICS the most. You have the nerve accusing ME to be someone who comments based on which party I support? Are you sure you aren't the one doing that??? Please, go get some education, travel or something to broaden up your mind. Such person as you is a DISGRACE. 

Okay, finished blowing some steam off. Feel free to agree or disagree with me. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions right?

Hey, I'm brat. But one with a damn good head on her shoulder (if I may say so myself).

The Brat with Opinions,

p/s: On the bright side of everything else, BERSIH showed us how the Malaysian could come together as one. It doesn't matter what religion or race you are. What matters is we are Malaysian. Let's try to be proud at it. - I know I am :)

btw, I've read an article written by Ridhuan Tee. I couldn't have said things better than he did. He spoke of the somethings that I was thinking but is so inadequate to explain. Check out his blog. Ridhuan Tee


  1. I guess you just have yet to graduate from the brain-washing education system. Good luck to you :).

  2. Agree with your statement cause I am also hate politics since all of them are the same. I just want a peacefull country and I can live here happily ever after. The Bersih demo is out of their objectives and more on certain political issues. As for me whose ever do the demo of Bersih or Perajurit is Dumb and Dumbmer...Furthermore majority of them are public university student who were given scholarships and loans. Unlike me and several other friends are fightingg our way for an education... What a blunder.....

  3. 1st anonymous, Brain washing education system. Is there one which isn't? lols~
    Please highlight where exactly is the brain-washing part in this post. If it's the values that I had been raised in is the ones you're talking about, then I guess I like being brain-washed. At least, it allows me to think rationally.
    If you are also assuming I wrote this because I am any party's supporter, then it's good u didn't leave a link. Or I would've given you another piece of my mind! like I said. I HATE POLITICS.

  4. 2nd Anonymous. You are right. I am sorry for the unfair education system in this country, but I am glad that you are still fighting to continue studying.

    Those Public University students are an ungrateful bunch of people.

    Yes. I know a lot of people will be angry with this statement, but it's the very, hurtful truth. I mean, it is already clear that the system is not fair, and they are absolutely basking in the upperside of that unfairness, yet they are biting the hands that feed them. Instead of doing something to improve the situation, they like to make things worst. Dumb and Dumber indeed~

  5. "It just feel like such a waste of time, energy and effort. I mean, why would you spend your Saturday shouting things that perhaps yourself don't understand?"

    Is it your own words? Sorry, I'm not good in English. May I used Malay words? I hope you can understand it.

    Adakah anda pasti mereka tidak faham? Hurm. Saya salah seorang yang memerhatikan keadaan di situ. Sememangnya huru hara. Saya ada bertanya kepada mereka, mereka faham akan perkara yang mereka lakukan. Hidup ini normal bila ada kerjasama, tiada konspirasi, tiada tipu helah. Jika pihak berwajib bertanggungjawab sepenuhnya, tiada lagu huru hara seperti di atas.

    Mungkin anda tidak percaya akan apa yang saya taip di sini. Saya ada seorang rakan, tinggal satu taman dengan saya. Dia merupakan seorang yang menjalankan bancian secara bebas di Negara ini. Tiada ikatan mana-mana pihak. Dia memberitahu saya bahawa terdapat pegawai kerajaan yang mengatakan bahawa undian itu tidak rahsia. Ianya seperti boleh diubah mengikut suka hati mereka sahaja. Apakah maksudnya itu??

    Refer on one source will never make your heart and mind open. Ten is not enough as long as you never face the experience.

    I'm not pro or contra. I'm neutral, I know the fake that somebody try to cover. Salam.

  6. Thank you. Saya cakap "perhaps" - mungkin. Saya tahu, ada antara mereka yang turun hanya untuk bersuka atau sekadar untuk meramaikan tanpa peduli apa mesej yang hendak disampaikan - saya sendiri mengenali mereka itu.

    Saya telah katakan, saya sokong perjuangan BERSIH. Saya cuma tidak setuju cara ia dijalankan. Saya yakin ada cara yang lebih baik. Namun, saya bangga, rakyat Malaysia boleh bekerjasama dan bersatu. Semangat yang mereka ada, saya sanjungi. Saya tidak setuju kepada perhimpunan ini bukan kerana perjuangan mereka, tapi kerana agenda tersembunyi yang terlalu nyata dikalangan pihak tertentu. Agenda mereka memecahbelahkan perpaduan. Walaupun yang pergi terasa bersatu, namun ada yang tidak pergi dan tidak peduli dan juga membangkang atas agenda sendiri. mereka ini ada yang mungkin tidak mengerti atau tidak mahu mengerti atau sengaja membatu api kan keadaan.

    Itu yang cuba saya perdebatkan di sini.

  7. Hurm. Jawapan diterima. Hehehe. By the way, perkara yg tersembunyi itu adalah urusan setiap manusia yg tamak haloba. Keadaan di sana, semua bangsa bersatu. Si India mengiringi A Samad Said untuk menghantar memo. Si India berkata dengan lembut. Itu yg pasti. Selainnya, biar tuhan yg tentukan. ^^

  8. It makes sense. The awareness was good, and close to perfection of effectiveness, as well as it has brought many people from different races and cultures together - to fight for what is right for the country and themselves.

    Then again, having so many 'Team Leaders' will cause some major troubles from within too. I don't know how this will end, but I hope Malaysia will be a better country - starting this year ('today' will be impossible). LOL~



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