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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Okay, as much as you would say we are the girl in your dreams, this is not the "Dreamgirls" I have in mind. These are just some pictures we took while waiting before entering the halls for the newest hotest item in town, Dreamgirls Musical Theater. 

Specially licensed from Broadway itself, this hottest sensation that had once be turned into a movie. It is basically about 3 ladies from Chicago who tries to find name and fame in the big city. It's all about celebrating girls' power baby! hehe~

How do I find the theater? AWESOME! I loved the most how they play the stage and change it into different sets and played with angle. Of course the lighting and sounds were exceptionally good too. I sincerely thank my very good friend who invited me to the play, Huzai :)

Me with Huzai holding the official picture book and details of the play.

What was more interesting was the powerful and marvelous voices of the casts. The Original Main casting for the characters are;

Effie White - Elvira Arul and Dina (Singer and performer)
Curtis Taylor Jr. - Tony Eusoff (Celebrity TV and film actor)
Deena Jones - Cheryl Samad (Celebrity TV presenter and host)
Lorrell Robinson - Azura Zainal (Celebrity TV presenter and host)
Michelle Morris - Ruzana Ibrahim (Singer and performer)
C.C White - Dafi (Akademi Fantasia finalist)
Marty Madison - Indi Nadarajah (Celebrity comedian with Comedy Court)
Jimmy "Thunder" Early - Kris Coleman

However, when we went, most of those characters were played by the understudies!! Since I sat at the last row of the uppermost, farthest, last seating, so I barely recognize (or can see) the people playing the roles. Nevertheless they sounded super terrific I tell you! Only later when the main casts went out to sign autographs did we all realized that they were understudies (except for Elvira Arul playing Effie, Tony Eusoff playing Curtis, and Kris Coleman playing Jimmy. ) At first I was disappointed because I wanted to see how our local artists play the roles (like Dafi, Dina and Cheryl) But then I realized, I enjoyed every moment of the play, and it didn't really matter that I don't know who they are. Because they were AWESOME.

Main guy casts during autograph session.
From left: Aaron Khaled understudy playing C.C, Tony Eusoff playing Curtis and Kris Coleman playing Jimmy.

Me with Elvira who did an awesome job with an awesome voice playing Effie.
A friend with Nadrah understudy playing Michelle Morris.
She's a UiTM student too (proud) :)
If the understudies were that good, can you imagine how the good the real casts will sound?? So I am definitely going back!! Anyone wants to join me? I can get cheaper tickets!! XD

The acting-loving brat,



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