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Monday, July 18, 2011

It's WARRR!!!

Lols~ not exactly. The truth is, I was invited along with a bunch of other bloggers to try out the Laser Tag game at ICT, Shah Alam
Entrance - pic credit to Isaactan
The Awesome Person who invited us to the game Elwyn
For those who didn't know, laser tag game is a game where players attempt to score points by tagging targets using an infrared-laser-emitting device. It is somewhat like a paint ball game, where you actually have some kind of a war and you shoot people - only it is painless and instead of paint bullets, we use lasers.

The Gadgets - gun and vests
It was in one word AWESOME!! I hadn't had as much fun in a long while and this had been a clean breathe of fresh air~

We met around 10.30 and we were served breakfast. We ate, but not too much cause afraid we might hurl it out when playing the game.

Pics credit to IsaacTan

We were divided into 4 teams and played a mini tournament. 2 rounds of trying to accumulate points and 1 rounds for the finals. These were my awesome, super awesome teammates~

Me, Mimi, Hezron, Nikel and Rex
Well, we lost - but we had super duper awesome time. Plus, being the awesome brat that I am, I was the top scorer in the team!! Who says a girl can't be the Ace of a war-game team? hahaH!

You can call me Chaos or Nebula now~~

 Here's a sneak peak of how the battlefield looks like~

Awesome Murals on the Battle Arena Walls. Everything was positively glowing

We had fun taking pictures inside too!

Before battle - pic credit to IsaacTan

During battle - pic credit to IsaacTan

Awesomeness~ aight?
So, if you wanna know more? Here you go

Laser Warzone
Unit K-14-1, 

Jalan Multimedia 7/AH,Citypark, 
I-City,shah alam, 
40000 Selangor, Malaysia

Mon - Fri: 1:00 pm-1:00 am
Sat - Sun: 10:00 am-1:00 am

Go there and see for yourselves how awesome the place is!!

Aside from that, I met a whole lotta new people as well as the same awesome bloggers there like Nikel Khor,

Me with Nikel
and also the ever famous blogger (I love his blog) Ken Wooi from Go check him out!

Me n Ken Wooi
and the rest of those 22 awesome people there~
Bloggers and friend :) Pics credit to IsaacTan

That aside, don't you think we'll make an awesome ambassadors for WarZone??

The original background was too bright but the expression on our faces was too good to be wasted~ How about that Ken Wooi? Should we offer ourselves as their ambassador? Lols~~ 

So you guys REALLY shouldn't miss this chance. Go there and see for yourselves how awesome the place is. Btw, a note of advise, do some warming up before playing okay. You might spare yourself the body ache I'm feeling now due to lack of exercise ~ I must have been lazing around more than I thought.

Ah well, alls well, ends well.
The Brat,


  1. nice to meet you nana :P hahahahaha

  2. Nice job.. Wish can have another battle in future.. Play as fun..

  3. Awww, i miss it!! nice game!

  4. @Kian Fai, nice to meet you AGAIN too :p

    @Nikel, it was. If have chance, let's do it again!

    @Yeeing too bad. maybe next time :)

  5. Argh.. on the XYZ team,got one predator!! Hahaha..

  6. I didnt have the chance to play against your team sobs!

    Anyway, cey wahh highest scorer sumore. Good job! :D

  7. ya nice editing! haha.. can be "good" ambassadors :P
    awesome time.. nice meeting u! :D

  8. @mel. that is the reason why your team won. You didn't go against us. That's the reason why Ken's team lost. because they were up against us. lols.

    @ken. It's an okay editing. and it was really nice too meet you. I never thought I'd ever get the chance!

  9. hey i like your writeup Nana. Nice meeting you that day ! XD sweet

  10. Thanks Isaac. It was nice meeting you again too :)

  11. can't U see our group photo?? the predator was in red shirt!! ^_^.v..

  12. I didn't know that's how a predator looks like~ haha...

  13. Look at the mouth and nose part.. and look again at the predator picture.. hahaha..

  14. Ahahaha~ you're right. Then Rex is a perfect name for you :)

  15. naah.. Aki still suit me better..



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