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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Annoying hair

You know when you wake up one day, bathe and clean up and getting ready, and as you think everything is perfect, there's this one strand of hair that refuses to go in line like others? It stick out like a sore thumb and no matter how many gels/oil you put no matter how many times you comb it, it just won't stay down.

I had NEVER experienced that for as long as I remember, until today. It's so annoying and I can't help but touch it again and again. Haisy~

Yup, I'm merely posting this up to tell about my bad hair day~ I hope it won't turn to a disastrous day. Cheerios all, and have a wonderful day :)

p/s: smiling might help.



  1. oh,somethin comin up.. ^_^.v.. jangan lupe blanje tau.. :-D

  2. hah? oke teramatlah kompius skang ni~~ what's coming up? and why do I need to belanja??

  3. pernah dgr org cakap..nak tengok org tu cantik/ hensem...tengok macam mana rupa dia lepas bangun tido..HAHAHAHA

  4. ahahaha~ heard that too. I'm pretty when I wake up, albeit a little pale. hahah (says so myself lah kan~)

  5. dear,

    thanx sharing your idea on my entry:

    btw, fyi i baru je lepas pergi salon. buat 'soft rebonding' dan skrg tak perlu risau akan rambut annoying. hehehee

  6. @lilynn saya pun rebond jugak~ hehe. tu yang heran boleh ada pulak annoying hair nih~

  7. hihihi.. smiling might help...<--- this words in my mind too..hihi



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