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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Errkkk??? o_O what? twenty what????

On this date, 48 years ago Malaya was buzzing with the news of how Malaysia was formed. Everyone was in high spirit and with positive energy flying around.

Then, 23 years later, on this date, Malaysia, no the EARTH received yet another FANTASTIC news!!

jeng, jeng
Nana Eddy, The Brat was born

I can't believe that I am actually 25 already! It seems like just yesterday I was still 24 (Duhhh!!) haha. So, I'm gonna share things about me with you guys!

Errrggghhh~ on 2nd thought, maybe not! :p  I'm too lazy to write a longer post today. Hehe. :p
But do head out to the links below for all of that is ME /please

See how beautifully I grew up :)
Once upon a brat.
Randomness of a brat.
My kind of guy
Three Q I gave up finding the answer
An Insight on the Brat
Why being eldest SUCKS! ahaha

Huaargh. time to sleep. Take care alls! Sincerely,

1 comment:

  1. Yo Bratz!! Happy 85th Birthday!! Have a blast!! Tanya ur sensei die pegi tak esok.. Hahaha..



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