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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lovey Dovey Tuesday: Together yet alone~

I'm copying this segment from Zon Karut Aki - but with different approach and perhaps different perspective. I think it would be nice to dedicate a day where I talk about mushy stuff aite? haha. To commemorate the occasion of copying this segment, I will start with a little rant of my own.

Near but far~ (display picture only)

When I decided I would try and thread this water with you,
I promised myself a lot of things
I promised myself this time it would be different.
I promised that this time I would be different.
I promised that I would wait patiently,
that I wouldn't complain as much
that I would try and be understanding.

But really, my patience are slowly and steadily thinning out
I find myself unable to answer for you
I find myself doubting and wondering
And I hate it.
I hate it SOOOO very much.

You are nowhere to be found
I heard nothing from you.
Not even a text, let alone a call.
U didn't even wish me birthday.

I don't even know where in the world you are.
I don't know if you are well or sick
I don't know if things are going well for you or not
I don't know if you get enough rest
or just frantically working your life out of yourself.

But what eats at me is that
I don't know where I am in your heart.
Yes you said u you loved me
and that your feelings for me would never change.
But dear, don't you know,
Plain words without actions affirming it means NOTHING.

because the truth is
You don't know me
and the sad truth is
I don't know you either
So how am I to believe what you said is true?
So how am I to know if you meant anything that you said?
Can a person truly and really love someone they don't know?

I didn't want to complain
Coz I know you're busy with work.
I can understand that, really I do.
But seriously? not even a text?
I thought the last time u said you were sorry?
And that you will try and remember that.
I wonder did you not try hard enough?
Or did you not even bother to try?

How many of you had ever felt this way?

 I believe, it doesn't matter if you're a girl or a guy, you might have once encountered with this situation - where you are supposed to be together with someone, and you tell others that you are together, but yet you find yourselves feeling so alone. You know little to nothing about what is happening in your partner's life.

So how would you guys handle this situation?

Or maybe, you are the one being accused of doing such a thing. So what is your excuse? 

Just a lovey, dovey Tuesday with the Brat,


  1. today was wednesday?? Hehehe.. ho ho ho.. never felt that way.. I mean,always,but good at covering it.. ^_^.v..

  2. ahahaah~ ye tak ye juga! nanti kejap mo tukar tarikh. haha

  3. on a different note, that sucks aite? haha

  4. Communication is the key! Voice out if you're unhappy or dissatisfied, don't just ignore it.

  5. True, I agree~ but what happens when you can't even get a hold of them?

  6. Never happen to me before...but seen couple like fren in's easy...some ppl get into a relationship for the sake of having 1 relationship...both did absolutely nothing to improvise....both just wait and see what the other partner did...relationship is not like that...sometimes getting too defensive is a great drawback...if you are not willing to do anything to please your partner, dun expect ur relationship to be good...that's why ppl will end up alone...

  7. Woaahh~ good advice! I agree, one need to work on the relationship in order for it to work. But~~~~~ hmm you just gave me an idea for the next topic!! haha. Come back next Tuesday and tell me what you think! XD

  8. agree with charmaine..
    try to communicate with your love one..



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