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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

And THE WINNER is.....

Previously on the brat's blog~


Can't read it? Ahaha~~~ Read my previous post instead! HERE

Anyway, after finally having some time for myself, at last I got some time to re-read and re-evaluate the contest answers given by my readers. Since I am unknown, thus, the contest only receive 5 contestant - so, it was not such a difficult task and it doesn't require a lot of time. T_T

Regardless, I am SOOOOO happy to receive the 5 feedbacks. I know all of them had been my followers for quite some time and I had been theirs too! And since they were so AWESOME, instead of two, I decided to give ALL five of them prizes!

So, aside from the two prizes, I went prize hunting for other 3 prizes today. Maybe I should stop calling them prizes since everyone got something. Hmmm alright, gifts! I shall call them gifts instead! ahaha~ So, while I was hunting for the gifts, I tried my best to match the gifts with all 5 of them.

Anyway, since it was a CONTEST, I am compelled to announce a WINNER.

AND THE WINNER IS!!!!!! *drum roll

How RANDOM is THAT?? ahahah. I really loved his description of my blog. it was sOooooOoooOo random and weird that it fits the Brat PERFECTLY. ahahahahah~ I shall use this as "blurps" for my blog next time! Ahaha~

And for his SUPER random answer, I am giving him a SUPER random gift that I picked especially for him after browsing through the store for more than an hour (yes, I put that much thought into it).

Not exactly a cup, not a glass, but not a mug either. It's a glass-cup-mug! Ahaha. And just to make sure he remembers me each time he sees this I chose one with the same expression as me! See? lols

NEXT! is the one with THE MOST interesting answer for their favorite post is

Miea Melodies - Life before it ends...

Oh! and I think his description of brat's blog is so worthy of mention too! So "blurp" material! ahaha~

Love the "see if you can top hers" part. ehehe. So for this sweet guy, I'm awarding him the silver star

For the very sparkling STAR that he IS!!!

The next one is the person who won my heart with both of his post;

Henry Lee the Clever Munkey!!

Another description worthy of a "blurp" eheheh~ Although, I don't think my writings are down to earth. It's usually either high-up-in-the-sky conceited or buried-down-deep-in-the-earth modest. I'm a brat. I don't do mediocre. I always go for the extreme. Ahahah~

I had forgotten how long was it since I first seen his name appeared on my site. He must've been one of my oldest loyal follower. hehe. So, what can I give to a munkey so clever that he blogs about gadgety-stuff that I can barely understand (sometimes)?

A monkey!!! A cute one at that! ahaha~ Sorry Munkey, I know you mentioned the other cute key chain, but when I saw this one, I could not resist the urge to buy this especially for you! Ahahahah~

Next the lucky (or perhaps unlucky) person who receives the oversized T-shirt that was actually meant for my most probably HUGE brother, (as mentioned by one of my readers) IS~~

Aki from Si Aki Borneo

Okay. This is another randomly crazy guy. If you read his blog, you'll see what I mean. He have new updates twice or more a day and he REALLY talks about VARIOUS random topics. And because he's so random, I think, he DESERVES to have a random shirt I bought from Penang. Don't believe me? Check out his random answer!

Now I have a Smurfy quote too! ahahah~ Aside from that, because he's an avid Chelsea fan, (Go Chelsea!!! yes, I'm biased) I think the blue shirt would go well with his blue spirit!

Plus, I think he'll look good in stripes! XD

The last, but NEVER the least, the one who go through length to actually join this contest even though he didn't know much about the Brat, 
Isaac Tan from eXperiences

For the guy who go to the distance to actually participate in my bleeerggggHHhh contest, and also for calling blog "CUTE", I'm giving him the cute keychain I bought from quite a distant place - Terengganu.

Cute kan? Like me my blog kan? Ahahah~~

THANK YOU so much again to all who had joined this little contest of mine. I had a very good time finding your gifts! Apparently, I like buying little cute gifts for people - a disease I seemed to have ever since high school. I don't think it would be cured anytime soon. For those who missed this, TOO BAD!!! ahahaha~~~~ joking. No worries, all you have to do is pray (very hard) that I'll get a bit richer than now, and do yet another give away. Ahahaha~~

Until next time!

The brattiest of them all,



  1. Yes!! I win the T-Shirt I want!! Ho ho ho.. ^_^.v.. With so special delivery.. plus PIZZA that U r willingly to give me.. Ho ho ho.. make sure the prize is in house by this evening.. Thanks.. ha ha ha..

    Thanks Nana.. Make another giveaway.. ur torn slipper as the prize also can!! ^_^.v..

  2. Ahaha. Congrats! I'll send the shirt in an EMPTY PIZZA box can? ahahahaah~ Hari tu ajak pergi tamau. kalo tak, dah ada org belanja~ haha

    Errr, you want my torn slipper? that I can give u without any contest. hahahaha

  3. I am sad that I didn't get the T-shirt, but I am still touched that you bought gifts for all of us! That was seriously kind of you!!!!!

    No other words can replace how much I wanted to thank you for this opportunity!!!!!

    p/s: I seriously thought you were psychic. You know why? Because I've been dying to find a pretty accessory for my Blackberry!!!

    time for another rampage!
    thanks nana im actually looking for mugs for my new house :D you are good in reading minds!

    unleash the velociraptor!

  5. Congrats all winners!

    Nana, jom link each other's blog!

  6. How to do that? I fail at these things.



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