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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hide Away (Cang Qi Lai) - Anthony Neely Nian Dong

I found this song. And I loved it VERY much. So sharing this with u guys :) Enjoy!

藏起來 (Cang Qi Lai) - 倪安東 Anthony Neely
作詞:施立 作曲:仔仔(Will Peng)

把你眼中的塵埃 落向大海
旋轉木馬的小孩 搖搖擺擺 要離開
掌聲喝采 祝你一路沿途愉快 帶著幸福回來
有人相愛 有人夜裡開車看海 天亮了就是未來

把心藏起來 把夢藏起來 把你藏起來 把愛藏起來
把笑容藏起來 把淚藏起來 說bye bye

一切應該是安排 不是意外(沒有意外)
過去現在 穿越整座城市醒來 沒有人記得傷害
我們相愛 最後又分開 一個人的海

把心藏起來 把夢藏起來 把你藏起來 我們說bye bye
把笑容藏起來 把淚藏起來 說bye bye
Bye bye

Take the dust from your eyes,
and drop them off in the ocean
The child sitting on the rocking horse,
rocking back and forth,
wants to leave it behind
Clapping and cheering,
wishing you a happy journey,
bring back your happiness
Someone to love,
someone to drive with to see the sea at night
It’ll be the future when the sun rises

If (I) could do it all again,
hide away (my) heart,
hide away (my) dreams,
hide you away,
hide away (my) love
hide away the smiles
hide away the tears
and say bye bye

Everything felt like it should be fated,
not mere coincidence (no coincidence)
The past and the present,
winds through the whole city
No one remembers the damage when they awaken
We love each other,
yet we separate in the end
Looking at the sea alone
How far can a lone leaf drift?

Hide away (my) heart,
hide away (my) dreams,
hide you away,
We say bye bye
Hide away the smiles
hide away the tears
and say bye bye
Bye bye

Can someone write the lyrics for me so I can sing along with him? Anyway, above lyrics found from


  1. RE-WRITE!! ^_^.V.. OH,FORGET,i CAN'T.. SORRY.. :-P

  2. wow you listen to chinese songs?! even i dont listen to them anymore haha.

  3. Of course! 1Malaysia maa~ ahaha. That aside,I just love music. As long as I find it nice, I'll listen to it. No matter what language. I also listen to Hindustan, Italian, Germany, Japan, Korean, Arabian and other languages music. Very Universal XD



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