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Friday, November 12, 2010

8 Reasons Why being the Eldest Sucks

I am the eldest of three siblings. Being the eldest, there were a lot of time that it rocks but many of other times it just plain sucks. For today, I'm focusing on the downside of being the eldest. Let's see if you guys agree or disagree with it. 

#1. You always ends up being the one to give way in any fight.
Even when you know you could win, you would naturally give in. Because you just hate the effort needed to clean up the mess later when your younger siblings 'rebel' against their loss.

#2. Even when you already say "no" you'd still feel compelled to do the favors that you were asked by your siblings and thus, you do it anyway, despite how much you hated the extra work.
It happens everytime. When I said "NO" to a request, I'd end up doing the favor anyway. There's no accomplishment feeling, sometimes, not even a "thank you" as a symbol of appreciation. Seriously, it sucks.

#3. Your parents still expects and ask you to complete chores even though your younger siblings are very much capable of doing the job.
My mom for example, will always I mean ALWAYS ask me to cook eventhough my 20 years old sister is very much capable of doing it. I mean, sometimes, I want a break from it too. But since asking my sis is just too much of a hassle, so my mom just simply ask me. She knows I can't really say no.

#4. When your younger siblings refuse to do some chores your parents ask to, you always end up being the one who do it instead.
I really hated the fact that my younger siblings could just easily brush aside my parent's request for house chores help just like that. It's a pain to listen to my parents nag so to shut them up, I'll do the chores instead. Sometimes, it's okay, but the feeling gets sucker and sucker each time.

#5. You are always expected to be the more accommodating and understanding because you're the eldest.
Let's say you have a plan set out to meet some friends, but your parents need someone to drive you somewhere, and your younger siblings also already have their plans set up, you'd most probably be the one to give in and sometimes volunteer to sacrifice your plan.

#6. You have to set an "example" for your younger siblings.
Minimize hanky-panky business, excel in studies, be a good daughter, student, and citizen, save the world. You are always expected to be the role model for your siblings of what or what not to be.

#7. You have to bear with getting things later than it "should" be compared to your younger siblings.
Simple example, my first h/p I got was when I did well in my PMR, meaning when I was 14. My sister was 10 at  that time and my brother was 9. Both of them had their first phone when they were 12. Which although is later than the time I already have it, nevertheless earlier than when they "should" have it.

#8. You always somehow know first-hand of any family crisis and you can't even pretend you don't care.
Financial crisis, petty fights, law fights, arguments, just about any problem. When you were younger, you'll hear about it even when you don't want to. When you get older, these problem become yours to solve.

These are the top 8 reasons why I feel being the eldest sucks. I could list more of reasons why I like this but it would be too long of a post. Mind you,
despite how suck it is to be the eldest, I love my siblings to bits

Next time I'll tell you why it ROCKS! to be the eldest. For now, I'll resign with this note.

Hey, I'm a brat after all!

Like it? Nang it please!

oh yeah, here's some book to read


  1. agree to the max dear. i'm in ur shoe!

  2. i know how u feel... although im the middle and the only son! >..<

  3. i ni tak tau rasanya jadi eldest hehehe tapi my eldest sister garang gak dulu2..tapi bila dah besar ni dia ok je sebab masing2 dah tau jaga diri masing2...time kecik2 dulu memang ar kena tegas dengan adik2 dia.. heh

  4. always look at the bright side lol :D

  5. When we were small, yea being the eldest didn't feel too good. Now we have all grown up, we as the eldest are being looked up and respected to. WOW hahahaha



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