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Sunday, September 11, 2011


Did you noticed my cute new banner??? More importantly, did you see the cute, awesome cartoonized brat there? Nyehehe~ oh yes, Brat had just gone another step backwards in maturity and stepping up becoming THE ULTIMATE BRAT!! hohohoho~

Dunno what I'm talking about??? Allow me to direct your attention to the NEW, AWESOME, CUTE and not to mention ICONIC "BRAT" for this blog.

She goes by the name Nana Eddy! haha

Thanks to the ever dashing and awesome ERNEST from Bro, don't like that la, Bro (a super fun and absolutely hilarious webcomic series with new uploads every Monday and Thursday)! now I can finally finish up the new look for my blog. What d ya think about it? Cute huh? Oh, I would also love to extend my gratitude to Kenwooi for introducing me to the bro. Now I can be as BRATty as I want! nyahahahahaha~

That's not all, I asked a favor from Ernest to draw a cartoonized current me (I'm curious how I would look like if he were to ever drew me). Since I receive it in this month, just a week before MY 20+++++ Birthday (17/9), I consider this as my early birthday present from him. So,  officially now I am announcing Ernest Ng as the first person to give me a birthday present! Really love you lotss Ernest!! XOXO (yeah, that's all you're getting, no real hugs and kisses :p) This pic is soooooooo cute.

There's even a pin there. And a peace sign as well! How cute is that??
Don't u think it look quite the same as me??? (yes, the cute part :p)

Nyahahah~~ He really made my day today! I'm looking forward for an awesome birthday this year (while forgetting the real age I'm turning into.) With this sweet, early birthday present my premonition is GOOD :)

The look on my face is appropriate since, THIS would be too weird. to be true! nyahaha

Anyways, hope you guys had an awesome time everyday!



  1. arghhh.. me want also!! hahaha.. ^_^.v..

  2. @Aki go go and get one! ahahaha~
    @ernest. glad u do haha

  3. aaawww... I'm jealous! I want one also!!!

  4. @Miea *gloating happily. hehe. Super awesome, right?

  5. alamak everybody want... die la me.. haha... can guys just send me a request in my email :)

  6. wah everybody also want.. die la me haha
    can guys! just drop me an email regarding your request:)

  7. @Glow~ take take take~ hahah
    @Ernest you're going to get more fan letters now! ahahah~



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