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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Brat's FIRST ever Give Away!!!!


/shock I cannot believe there will come a day when I will do a give-away. It just seems soooooo unreal. Nyahaha.

Anyway, I realized I had never did any give-away before, and I also realized it's because I am so very unknown that I'm afraid no one would care enough to join and not to mention, so dirt poor, that I can't afford to give-away anything.

Ironically, I'm still unknown now

Going to Tamaki-style emo corner now~ 

and I'm still dirt poor.

I am definitely beyond "broke" now

But I guess, I just feel like rewarding you awesome people who drop by this blog and actually read whatever nonsense and crap I put in. So, as this is my first give-away, I'll just give you guys whatever unused-and-useless-things I can find in my room. Bare in mind I'm just a brat so don't be too angry with me!
And the prize is.... *drumroll~~

A cheap-no-name-brand t-shirt that I bought some time ago for my brother but apparently he's just too FAT to wear it. (He's so gonna kill me if he reads this). The measurement for it is shoulder-18.5cm, length-27cm, circumference-95cm, armpit-48cm, hand opening-38cm. Size-XL, material stretchable.

note that even-though it seems big, my bro who usually wear L size t-shirts cannot wear this and look good in it. probably because the soft and slightly hugging material. (or maybe because he develops too much 'muscle' at the centre. hehe)

Can't think of anyone who can fit the t-shirt? Well, I have another one;

A cute key chain I bought from when I was in Terengganu recently (which I will update sometime in the future... well, maybe) but can't think of anyone important to give it to :p
eheheh. But you might need to indicate that you prefer this rather than the t-shirt /XD

So to get these sorry-of-an-excuse prizes all you have to do is

#1. Of course, become my follower.
#2. In the comment area, name your favorite post on Brat's blog and why. (just short and simple is enough but if you want to make it long~~~ then by all means! )
#3. Describe The Brat's blog in the most creative and interesting way (don't have to be positive) in more than 14 and less than 76 words. (I love random numbers!)
#4. Leave your email so I can notify and ask the details if you win.

Oh don't worry , the mailing charge is on me. Perhaps, we could even arrange a "date" to meet and I'll give it to you then! hehe. However, this time, the contest is open only to those who are in Klang Valley area. Next time, when I have more $$$ I promise to make the contest bigger. Oh yeah, contest ends at 25th September 2011 (Sunday)

Alright now. May the best person wins! ahahaha.


  1. FIRST!!!

    1. Long Timer Follower..

    2. It was the (PURE HEARTS) post because I know you since that post.. Ho ho ho.. Btw,Jerry will be going back to Sabah,and all of his Instrument will be purchased by your Sifu!! ^_^.v..

    3. This Brat's is so bratty that I can't bratting off to brat her Brattiest Brat.. *Read it in Smurf style..

    4. nope,definitely not.. it's

    Ok,I'll sure I'm gonna win both of them.. :-p.. ^_^.v.. Hahahaha..

  2. will be back soon when my creative juices start flowing XD

  3. @Aki. thanks!!
    @Isaac, please do so!
    @toninkush, yes. yes he is. haha

  4. 1. FOLLOWER!
    2. the one where you posted about the cartoonified version of you! ( why? bcos im the artist la apa lagi! wuahahahaha!
    3. the brat's blog is the equivalence of rampaging in a field full of white daisies whilst riding a velociraptor, straddling a bazooka on my shoulder and causing mayhem amongst the fairy populace whilst shouting curse words at my old high school magazine! (what is this... i dont even...?)... oh! and magic sky juice.

    aki's GOIN' DAOUN!!!

  5. u oh.. another competitors... may I post twice?? ho ho ho.. :-p

  6. OOuuuhh... I want that shirt!!!

    1. Followed you since the Nuffnang Vaseline event~!!!!

    2. Would it be cliche if I said my favorite post would be the one about the vaseline event? ( Why? Because that was my first official Nuffnang event that I went and you were one of the first few bloggers that I actually met in real life and it changed my perspective about bloggers. Cutting out of the stereotypes that bloggers are anti-social geeks that sits in their room all day long, blogging, and had no life. As it turns out, bloggers are cool just like other cool people too! And just because you said I was sweet in your blogpost! *kembang hidung skejap* hahahahaha!!!

    3. Ever wonder why sometimes adults are boring? Because they lost their inner child and swarmed with dull life task. Luckily, not everyone has lost it. And this BRAT just brings back the inner child in me. Think you're bratty enough? Let see if you can top hers?!


    Oh damn! I want that shirt guys!!! Shooo!!!!! Hahahahaha!!!!

  7. 1. Sudah follow pun! I'm even the first one in ur NetworkedBlogs list! XD

    2. The best post ar? This one lar!
    Dear Nana Edy, you are indeed very humble in your blog writing and even in this entry of your first give away, your writings are really down to earth and yeah who doesn't like giveaway like yours? Though I might not fit the shirt... the turtle keychain is simply cute enough! :D

    3. A brat with opinions, one word - brilliant! Why? It's obvious... every single post that u've written is full of frank opinions but not to the limit whereby a person will get hurt. It's not easy to find a Malay blogger that can write in good English and of course I personally respect you cause you can write better than me! :D

    4. Here's my emai:
    Make sure u send me a congratz email ya? :P Looking forward to it! LOL

    Peace Out!
    The CleverMunkey

  8. Have been following for quite some time, including your facebook fan page! hehe.

    favorite post on Brat's blog:
    I believe it would be this post as it is your first giveaway post! Congrats on taking the step!! :)

    My take on this blog "A brat with opinions" , cute and creative with the colours and all. I think i read some of your posts before on girl and relationship stuff. I apologize for not being a frequent visitor here, will try to come back more often yea.

    My email:

    Have an awesome day Nana! :)

  9. Can! Just as long as your mailing address is in Klang Valley, OR you are coming down here to pick it up yourself! hehe~

  10. alaa..klang valley jer ker...hoho...



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