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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

If only Guys know...

Disclaimer: *This is not my original idea. This is my translated version of a post from Diari Hati. Check out the original here.


If only a guy know...
When a girl falls for him, he might not have everything,
but he is everything for her.

If only a guy know...
When a girl cries, it doesn't mean she's weak,
She's just trying to find the strength, to keep loving him.

If only a guy know...
When a girl gets angry, she just can't control her feelings,
But believe, that it means, she really cares and love him.
That's why new couples seldom fight
But as the love gets deeper, more fights occur.

If only a guy know...
When a girl talks too much,
she didn't mean to annoy or harass him
she just wants him to know her more.

If only a guy know...
When a girl says she wants him to change,
That doesn't mean she's not accepting him as he is,
but she wants him to be better,
not for herself, but for his future.

If only a guy know...
When a girl gets jealous and doubtful of him
It doesn't mean she don't love him,
Instead it means she loves him too much 
to the point she sees him as a child that needs her full attention.
Sometimes she worry, if she trust him too much,
He will betray her trust.
Her motherly instinct is just too strong,
She wanted the best for him.

If only a guy know...
When a girl sulks
don't say she's being overboard
She doesn't want money or dozen presents
she just wanted attention that could make her feel appreciated.

If only a guy know...
When a girl seldom says "I love you"
That doesn't mean she don't love
But she wants him to feel it himself
not from words, but through her actions.

If only a guy know...
When a girl says she misses him
She really meant it.
When apart, his shadow would always follow her
He's like a ghost that haunts her and only her.

If only a guy know...
When a girl says other guys are better,
Never believe her words
She just wanted to test him
and see just how much he is willing to be the best in her eyes
Even when in reality he already is the best in her heart
As long as she's with him, believe that,
Eventhough other guys look good in her eyes,
he'd still forever be the best in her heart

If only a guy know...
When a girl becomes stubborn,
she didn't mean to be hard headed
but she wants to see, just how much he will be patient with her
Know that, a girl's heart is too soft
with the right way, she might change her mind in a split second.

If only a guy know...
When a girl says "leave me alone!"
She didn't mean for him to leave forever
She just needed to calm her mind
and when she's calm, believe that she'd look for him
That's the sign she really loves him.
Girls are too emotional,
but she's the one who loves him the most,
and she's the one who will notice the slightest changes in him

If only a guy know
God had created men and women with differences
But as long as they understand each other,
They will complete each other.
Girls are created in the most beautiful way,
behind her tears, 
lies thousands of strength
that would make a guy feel safe with her.
Even if she looks weak,
she has her own strength
That could shake the world
and make guys weak because of her.

So appreciate the girls in your life.
She comes not only with weaknesses, not only to be protected,
But she comes with strength that could support you and complete your life. 

Two cents from brat today. All the best, and be happy everyone :)


  1. yeah... if only we guys know... u girls gotta tell us then we know! :P

    Peace Out!
    The CleverMunkey

  2. but still alot of things that are unknown

  3. nak copy boleh x..? huhu..sedih plak bace entry nie

  4. Silakan~ jangan lupe link kan :) sy tak kesah sgt. tapi original writer dia mungkin kesah (diari hati)~ ehehe

  5. @kyril that's why we need to ask, and talk.

  6. ooo okay2 ^^ nanti sy link 2 2 tros..hehe..btw, follow kmu..



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