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Monday, August 15, 2011

Dorsett Regency Hotel, KL Citarasa Chef Jaafar Onn


Yes, Yes I know I had been slacking on updating. And this one is sooooooooo overdue that I can almost feel May Lee's stare on me and see her cute and pretty face crinkle up due to anger... Oh don't do that May Lee, it's not healthy for the baby (shout out to the pregnant May Lee. May u have healthy and happy child~ )
May Lee who invited me to the event
Anyway, so, I went to Dorsett Regency Hotel, in KL last 3rd August 2011, for a buka puasa buffet at its restaurant, Checkers.
Picture from Jayren's blog
Went there with my whole family. Well, me, my sis and bro went as bloggers,
My bro
Mimi (my sis)
Being the darling daughter that I am, I treat my parents to the buffet. (Well, I paid half and another mimi did.)
My mom and Dad - now u know where my good looks come from. haha
The First thing I noticed was of course, the ambience. I must say I loved it. Very pleasing, not cluttered and most important, no smell. hehe

Picture credit to Kevin
Another pic credit to Kevin
When I arrived, people had not yet went around and taking food. So I had the chance to snap some pics before the food was touched. And i find myself saying,
 ZOMFG!!! This is a helllotta food!!! 
Don't believe me? here. It took me one week to finish editing the pictures! (excuse from a lazy person)
First, the main courses

Sweet and sour crab, Meat Curry, Ikan Assam Pedas, Gulai Daging berkentang

Stir Fried Choytam, Sayur Campur, Sotong Masak Kunyit, Ikan Keli Goreng Cili

Grilled Beef Medallion with Onion Sauce, Lala Masak Lemak Putih, Kurma Ayam,
Grilled Chicken with Piccata Apricot Sauce

Udang Masak Lemak Cili Padi & Nasi Bukhari

Next the Sushi

Next, the Meats and Variety of Cold Cuts and Seafood on ice
Cold cuts and Seafood on ice

Cucur-cucur panas~~

there's also fruits and snacks!

and Bubur (porridge)
Pengat Pisang, Bubur Pulut Hitam, Bubur Kacang Hijau, Bubur Kurma

and my favorite, desserts~~


more kueh~
And the best of them all (jumping giddily~~)

Choc Fountain~~~ haha

Okay so actually, the are MORE. yes this a lot but there's still more that I didn't manage to snap. Anyway, after I've gone around the place snapping pictures, the first thought that come thru my mind was,

"There's no way I would be able to taste all these."

but that don't mean I didn't try XD

1st round
My plate
Mimi's plate

Verdict: All in all it was good. I especially loved the Udang masak lemak cili api. It was damn goooodddd~~~ Others were okay and the meat was fresh - too fresh, cuz I can't eat it. If you love red meat, then I think you'll love this. Both of us loved the Stir Fried Choytam.

2nd round


Chicken Wing Perchik
Verdict: Both are delicious. The Satay's gravy could have been made thicker, but nevertheless, it is still good.

3rd Round
Mashmallow + Chocolate



Verdict: What's not to love about marshmallow and choc? It was the first thing to finish amongst all. Lucky we took it early or we wouldn't be able to try it. Some of the desserts are good some are just too milky for me. But if you love dairies, you'd probably enjoy it. The Breads - no, I didn't eat all of it. I was already too full. But I did tried each a bit, and all taste absolutely the same. ahahaha. I was curious whether the shape and texture of each bread will give different taste, but overall, I found out it didn't. Or maybe I just don't have the delicate tongue or expertise to know any difference.

Round 4


Verdict: I don't eat sushi too much, cause I can't stand the seaweed. But according to my sis, the rice was a bit tasteless.  tried the inari (the only variant of sushi that I eat) and I think it's okay, The Rojak was DELICIOUS. Loved it, I even tried some of the fried cucur. It was GOOOOD~

Okay, I failed miserably at trying everything. I was soooo full that looking at another food might me vomit everything out. hehehe~~ Anyway, while we were eating, we're entertained by two local celebrities, Jaafar Onn and Haiza
Jaafar Onn and Haiza
Oh yeah, if noticed the title, Jaafar Onn was also the invited celebrity chef who did a little domstration (which I missed unfortunately)
But I still took picture with him! haha
My bro were even called on stage for a game. He's supposed to imitate Jaafar's pose on a poster. Since he hates the picture so much, I decided to share on the blog (muahahaha)
Pictures credit to runwitme
That aside, guess who I met there...

Kevinmeetstars and Runwitme 
All of them blogged about this and more. Go checkout their blog by clicking on their names!!

Oh yeah almost forgot. The kind hotel management gave us 50% off from the total amount needed to pay. That really saves me a lot of pocket money for the following week! lols. So THANK YOU very much to the people who took care of it for me :)

Sigh~ this is really a long post. It took quite a lot of effort to blog about buffets. I have a new found admiration for food bloggers who do this all the time now~~

Signing off,


  1. oh God...marshmellow + chocs. its heaven!!!

  2. if i were there,I'm sure to finish it all.. Hahaha..

  3. @Azie, the best!
    @aki, haha. I have no doubt. Heard the stories of u + makan from larry XD

  4. Wow, sedapnye. The food looks amazing, too many choices. And they have chocolate fountain too, that's beautiful. Max was there too? That's nice :)

  5. haiyooo..nana i went to d same place lorr..hehe guna grupon kn varity mknan die byk..puas hati lah ^^

    neway, SLAMAT HARI RAYA yarr =))



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