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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Exam Fever~~

Most probably, some or most of you will say

"It's FREAKIN exams time, So shadap!!!"

Muahaha. Since I'm on holiday, n waiting for my practical, I have no exams now!!! la~ la~ la~

Okay, okay, That's enough. hehe. I just wanted to share this comic strip from my favorite comic-blogger from "Bro, don't like that bro", Ernest. Check it out.

Nyahaha. Epic Fail. 

Check out his website for more of these super funny comic strips. 

For all those who's undertaking their exams, ALL THE BEST!!

p/s: yes, I'm lazy to do any write up, so I'm sharing this instead XD

Sincerely bratty,
Nana Eddy


  1. LOL! gara-gara musim exam you post this ahhh.. nice! thanks so much Nana!

  2. LoL.. dis was nice!! ^_^.v..

  3. @ernest, I'm the one who should say thanks. since I'm so lazy, u saved me a lot of efforts.

    @aki, should check out his other strips. all are very nice!

  4. why u no share my blog comic too? *jeles*

    oh wait, wait i draw my first comic! :P

  5. @Merryn, check out the rest!
    @ken I almost virtual slapped you! ahahaha~ hmm, maybe later I'll go through your posts and see which one I want to copy. I'm lazy to update lately~ nyahahaha

  6. For me, its about freaking marking with all that I am trying to figure on how to pass the students.

  7. @Nava. Oh yeah~ I forgot. the lecturers/teachers will also have headache~ lols



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