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Friday, August 19, 2011

Hey Guys!! Let's do this

I had always dreamed~~~

My dream is to be able to create a vlog of my own - Ah yes that sweet dream.


I feel I'm too ugly,
I feel I dunno what to say,
I feel like my voice is horrible,
And most IMPORTANT of all - I'm LAZY.

lols~ But that didn't stop me following some of our prominent vloggers here in Malaysia like

oh and some particular International Vloggers that I especially like,

Nigahiga - Awesome fun I'm talling you. Laugh Max till burst.


Fred - Most annoying chipmunk voice EVER! But wholotta crazy fun.

Check them out!. I purposely didn't embbed the video here so that my page won't load like a snail. Plus, they have to many awesome videos, I wouldn't know which one to feature. So go to their youtube page and watch em alll!! Oh, btw, All pictures DO NOT belong to me. I Googled it XD

Anyways, what I REALLY wanted to highlight is a special video by Matluthfi

Hey, guys, what say you, we do this??? I think it would be AWESOME if the bloggers who rarely come out actually join together with a vlogger and create this awesome video on Malaysia. Jom kawan2!!

Let's support him and create a video full of Malaysian smiles :)

Proud to be a Malaysian,


  1. go mat luthfi go mat luthfi~! die comel kan..? haha

  2. hahaha suke giler entry die yg judgemental tu..^^

  3. suke sume entry dia!! enjoy sgt2. expression muke dia mmg priceless~ hehe

  4. lol who are they? haha
    this is the future isnt it. but for me, they will never be seen as celebs in my eyes



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