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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Eh? Peter Pan's Neverland?

Well, not exactly, but close.
VERY close.

Thanks to my awesome-st sensei EVER, I was able to catch an event held by Kingsley International School, Putra Heights. They called it the Color my Life, Color my Community. Well, actually it's something like hari kebudayaan back when we were in school. Every other year will be performing something. Their event was a weee bit special, coz they are doing it for charity and also to say goodbye to their Korean exchange friends who had been there for the past month.

I'm not gonna elaborate much, I just wanna show you those bratty, naughty, happy, cute, excited faces that I manage to capture.

Make you wish you were a child again right? Where's Neverland when you need one? Haisy~

Ah well, that aside, a little announcement, you will be seeing this page changing it's face a lot, since I'm trying to revamp the blog and get a little new "feeling" for it. Any suggestions? Ehehe~~

Peace out,


  1. Ho Ho Ho.. ^_^.v.. I'm still a child that can go to the Upper 18 Movies.. ^_^.v..

  2. If anyone ask me to describe Aki, I'll make sure to remember this statement :)

  3. ahhh..sure wish to go back being kids at times..haha

  4. uuuuu.. chomelnyaaaa...


    no pedo.

  5. the two girls singing on stage are quite pretty!



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