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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Another Food Review - Nasi Lemak Kukus TTDI Jaya

I'm gonna stop being gloomy NOW!! and give this blog some new environment.

Alright, usually I don't write food reviews - unless the food is free. But, I'll make an exception for this one, since this is one of my favorite place to eat.

The overall look of the stall is just so-so, nothing much to say about

But the LINE of people that is waiting to buy is something to "WHOAAA" about.

And the food. deserves a louder WHOAAAA!!

It's really simple,
The basic ingredients

Nasi kukus (Steamed Rice)

Chicken (Fried, curry, sambal or others)

Kuah Campur (mixture of gravy(s))

Taugeh (what is this in English?)

pic from google

Sambal Belacan (super spicy I tell u!)

pic from google (again)

You can choose if u want more rice, don't want that or this, more gravy, anything. Just ask for it.

How much is it? RM3.50 ONLY.
plus 80cents drinks, and you're set to eat!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, they have no plates!!
Whether you want to eat it there (they have quite a large space there) or take home, they will wrap it up inside of paper.

I have to say, it gives off a rather different feeling. Yet, it is surprisingly pleasant.

If you happen to be at Shah Alam, drop by TTDI Jaya and try out the food. If you have a somewhat Malaysian, kampung taste, you'll definitely love it as much as me, and my friends, and my siblings do.

Oh, Almost forgot. here's the address for that place;

NO 26 & 28, JALAN OPERA U2/J,



I'm suddenly hungry. Gonna get me some Nasi Kukus NOW!

See ya!

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