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Friday, April 8, 2011

He can be a tad bit Annoying BUT....

Hey guys, allow me to introduce you to Levo Dark.

His real name is Muhammad Irsyad. Don't ask me how he got that levo thingy name cuz I have no idea.

He just turned 21 on 29th March this year.

He's actually my sister's boyfriend's friend, which then becomes her friend which somehow along the way become my friend.

Due to the ENORMOUS time we spent together during this one year of knowing each other, I consider him as a very close friend, like a brother in fact.

He was the most HYPER person I know.

He's always on the go, always moving about.

He's always getting emotional and get right back hyper not long after that.

He has this ego streak that is so hard to shake

He has a damn good singing voice (but cannot really go too high)

He really LOVE food (except fish). I have no worries that any food would be wasted if he's there.

He can be a tad bit ANNOYING at times BUT.....

He is one of a few GOOD guys left

He is one hell of a good friend.

And he's one person that I had always enjoyed being in company with.


That cheerful, hyper, giddy, happy-go-lucky, annoying, good friend of mine had been sitting on hospital bed being idle for the last two weeks.

That always-on-the-move guy is coughing night and day barely able to breathe normally.

That food loving guy who would eat anything handed in front of him (yes, even left-overs) can only take porridge because it feels easier to be swallowed.

Today, he was diagnose with Germ Cell Tumor.

He would have to do a few sessions of Chemotherapy to reduce the size of the tumor. And only then will they be able to operate him and take that thing out.

He would lose his hair, he would lose his weight. But everything is OK as long as he survive.
He can ANNOY me anyway he want just as long as he survive.
He can pick fights with me everyday if he wants to as long as he survive.

So please, friend, readers, followers, or whoever you are, will you please pray along with me?

Please pray for him that he would be strong.
That he'd be able to make it through.
That he'd be back on his feet as cheerful as he had always been.
That he'd survive this challenge he's facing.
That he'd be healthy and happy always...

Muhammad Irsyad b. Hamin, my prayers are with you~




  1. my prayer goes to Bro Irsyad. get well soon! be strong! dont give up just yet. =)

  2. ameer bce sebak die nie,,:(

  3. i hope that ur friend will be healthy again. Pray to God he will be in good hands! :)

  4. He will sure recover,I will pray for him,don't worry nana,stay strong!

  5. semoga ALLAH bg keajaiban diatas kesihatannya dengan izinNYA~~~amin

  6. hope he will get well soon...and strong...

  7. Sedih..coz i hav someone yg menghidap friend dia sakit..baru kita tau betapa rapatnya kita ngan dia..



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