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Friday, June 3, 2011

Adinda Evans ku sayang~

Alright, who thinks 14 as being old enough to know about the world?

Who thinks that being "not a virgin" is something to be broadcast of?

"kesah ape aku bukan virgin 
ni lagi 1 punyaa hal . aku tau dlm dunia ni tak ramai ponpuan ada DARA. 
skrg susa nk dpt girl yg ade dara . aku kesah ape org nk pggil aku bohsia ? lau kau mara org pggil kau bohsia , means betol la yg kau tu bohsia . sedar sedar la weh .. jgn ingat dlm dunia ni aku srg je tade dara ! pkir sbelum ckp . YEAHH . aku jujor la dgn korang , AKU DA PERNAH MAEN ! puas ? ade ke org nak mngaku mcm ni ? takkan punya .. bia org nak pandang hina kat kita . asalkan kita ade MARUAH DIRI !
thankyou :) "

Yeah, it's probably the 14 year old who has no idea how cruel the world can be. When she wrote that, she might never have thought she just subjected herself to massive amount of criticism. Well, that ought to teach her to think again and again and AGAIN before posting something up.

And if you're wondering why am I writing about this, I'm just trying to "steal" some traffic away on the "hot topic" of the day. I mean, she actually made it to top twitter worldwide trending! I think this had already escalated to cyber bullying seeing how people stalked her to her fb and related accounts and keeps on thrashing her.

For those who don't know Adinda Evans, she is the 14 year old girl who had blogged about not being a virgin anymore. Some of you might think, so what? And I agree. However, it didn't stop me from peeking into her said post (which has been deleted). I have to say, I had to shake my head in awe. (See my views on pre marital sex)

At 14 years old, I was that snotty kid who giggles when a certain guy look at my way. At that age, I had butterflies breeding just because that certain boy that I liked talks to me. Just being alone together or doing something together is already too much for me to take in. Holding hands might just make me faint on the spot (It didn't happen okay!) Kissing? Having SEX? Losing Virginity? Those are something that is out of my grasp to think about or imagine. I don't think I know or think at all about sex then (well, maybe have some ideas thanks to western movies).

14 years old anatomy (source)

But this girl. She's practically announcing to the world that she is no longer a virgin. Doing it is already one stupid thing for her to do. Blogging about it is another stupid thing she does. And another serious, stupid but laughable mistake she did was to actually put her boyfriend's picture on her blog (she deleted this too now).

If I made a bet that the boy had bolted and run to hide, I think I'm a millionaire now.

What I feel sorry the most is how her parents felt about this. Normal typical Malaysian parents could not have lived through this without a permanent deep scar. I know my parents couldn't. I would rather die first before I humiliate my family this way and put them through such pain.

But do I blame the girl? Do I blame the family? Do I blame the openness of media nowadays? I don't know. There is no finger pointing here. But I pray that this would not happen to my friends and family. I pray that there won't come a time when fingers will be pointing at me for not being able to save someone close to me.

The one at fault is you! (Source)
Dearest girl, whoever you are. If by luck or by chance you stumbled upon this blog know that I am not trying to judge you for your mistake. I sincerely hope you'll get through this and learn from it. Next time in the next few years at least until you're 20, when u think you're old enough to make your own decision, try and ask for a real adult's opinion first. It might saves you from the heartache and headache you might have signed up for if you didn't.

Adults and older people might not always be right or cool, they might be old fashioned and sometimes smelly, but they had lived much longer than you did. They do know more about this world than you do. Give them some credit for living longer than you have. So don't snub them off just because their values or views does not match with what you deemed as fun. Despite how it seems, a lot of "fun" things are highly hazardous. Just keep that in mind!

This is again, just a humble opinion from the Brat. I might be wrong and I might be right, for what it's worth, it is what I think.

Just another Brat with opinions,


  1. everyone makes mistake.
    Whtre you trying to point out here? dia dh delete post tu kan? if all the bloggers cerita kt blog dorg cm ni, lg tersebar lah cerita ni. and cause org lg rmai tau. she's only 14, n has a long journey to go. mybe you buat mcm ni nk sedarkn org lain, at the same time you jatuhkan dia, bangsa kita ok. (i knw she alrdy did it to herslf). Just dont point out her name or at least, her pict. Org lain dh byk buat mcm tuh. Kesian. Masa depan dia..

    Tuhan kat atas sana maafkan umatnya yang berdosa, kenapa kita yang tak seberapa ni nak insult umat Allah yang lain? Kita patut samasama membimbing dia, tulis artikel yang boleh menyedarkan dia. Cuba kalau dgn semua ni, bg tamparan kt dia, smpai dia rasa nak bunuh diri. Tk berdosa ke kite?

    Im sorry if Im wrong too. But well you shd think on her side jgk. Kayh? Tke cre, n happy blogging.

  2. Thanks Mr/Ms anonymous. Okay, I've been debating over putting up her pics as well. And you were right, I shouldn't have. As for her name, well 1st, it's not her real name, it's her blogging name. 2nd, without that name, I can't direct traffic to my blog and advantage from this post. Yes I know, it's cruel and unfair but hey, I'm a brat. I only care if I could win.

    On the note of insulting. My intention is not to insult although nevertheless, it is exactly what I did. It's the real world baby, no one's gonna care enough to baby your feelings. So you have to thread carefully and watch where you step. It's the lesson that some people who are lucky enough should learn from what others had gone through without actually going through it themselves.

    Sebenarnya, for me, all the articles yang memberi tamparan atau memburukkan dia adalah jalan yang terpantas untuk menyedarkan dia. Sebab dia baru 14 jadinye dia kene dapat tamparan kaw2 supaya dia cepat sedar. Masa depan dia panjaaaang lagi. Tak lama lagi orang akan lupa jugak. Tapi kalau dalam masa singkat ni dia tak rasa cukup tertampar, lain kali dia akan buat lagi.

    Pasal dosa, bukan tempat saya untuk menilai atau menghukum. saya pegang satu je "Allah tidak akan membuka keaiban kita kepada orang lain melainkan kita sendiri yang mendedahkannya." Mudah2an orang lain dan diri saya sendiri akan ambil pengajaran.

    I tried thinking from her side. But it is beyond my comprehension to think about bringing such shame to my family. I'm sorry. I can relate to making mistakes as we humans can never run away from making them but not this. Not to this mistake. But I am all for second chances, redeeming oneself and changing for the better. Something I hope Adinda will be able to do.

  3. Found the aforementioned blog, I just have to shake my head and wonder what the world is coming to these days. Ikhlaaq and adaab seems to be lost even in 14 year olds now.

  4. hey I stumbled upon your blog when I searched on Adinda Evans. I just wanna say, your english is awesomeeeee ;]

  5. @MENJ let's pray that we and the people will know shall not astray from the right path. and even if they do, let's pray that they will find it back yet again.

    @Ms/Mr Anonymous, Aaaah. u make me blush. Should have left your link so that I can pay you a visit back. Anyway, thank you. My English is just OK. Enough for me to get by :)



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