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Monday, June 6, 2011

The Munchy's cutie pie that is Koujee~~

Remember my post on "Wazzup!"? Well, you probably don't, so go re-check it! Lol~ Anyways, on that very event I was lucky to met and get to know a cutie pie beatboxer known as Koujee.

He was ranked top4 on Malaysia Beatbox Challenge 2010 and now is the official ambassador for Munchy's and Everlast. Maybe you've seen him in Munchy's ads. You know the geeky beatbox kiddo in its TV ads... What? You don't know?? Here, check it out.

And you might have seen him on an Everlast ad when you walk by Sunway Pyramid 1st floor. Or some other Everlast ads.



Anyway, today yesterday I met him again!! He's as cute and as perky as ever. It's hard not to smile at his little shenanigans.

Munchy's was having its 20th Anniversary at One Utama and there seems to be a lot of things, games and etc are happening there. And I saw a lot of presents given away too! You missed it? Too bad for you! Hahah!

I was there on the sole purpose of supporting Koujee. However, I arrived late and missed the show all together. Not to waste my journey there, I snapped a few flirty poses and pics with Koujee!! lols~

Well, not exactly flirty coz he was REALLY naughty. Lols. But It really was fun meeting him again.

You guys should go and see his beatboxing on his Youtube channel. He's awesome. I was an instant fan. I'll share his latest performance (which I unfortunately missed) with you guys here as soon as Koujee upload it.

His next performance will be at Summit USJ on 12th June 2011. And for those who wants to learn beatboxing, "Master Koujee" will be opening his class soon.

Snapshot from one of his video
 For more info visit his fb page or his website.

In case you are wondering, Yes, I am promoting the cutie pie. XD

Bratty as ever,



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