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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pure Hearts

The Brat have renewed her enthusiasm to learn playing guitar.

No it's not because there were so many songs I wanted to play acoustically but unable to do so without sounding like I'm trying to destroy the song (or the guitar).

No, it's not because of the new strings I got for my guitar that are much MUCH more easier for me to play.
And no, it definitely have got nothing to do with my new young, cute, dashing, friendly and so very damn talented teacher whom I will refer to as "Sensei" in my post from now on (Sensei = Teacher in Japanese).

Sensei Ekung
Although all of that did contribute to me renewing my enthusiasm for learning guitar a dozen times previously, this time, it's because of the Pure Hearts.

Pure Hearts is a group of people who has strong passion for music and charity. They are a band gathered for the purpose of a giving back to the community and helping those in need through the one thing that can unite all, and through the one thing they love the most - music. 

The Pure Hearts (Source)

I know. some of you who are familiar with the term might already be feeling a little bit confused since I am a Muslim. Yes, pure heart is a term that has to do with Christianity and yes, this group do play songs related to and about Christianity but for me music is music. If people can enjoy and some might even love popular songs that glorify the devil or songs that are basically telling you that bad is good, what is wrong with songs that beckons us to believe in God and all things good? It doesn't matter which God you pray to, or what name you call your God. The fundamentals are the same. Just as long as you know where your faith stands, that is enough. Even if you don't believe in any God, then it's alright. You can still enjoy the music. 

Last Tuesday Sensei Ekung (that is his nickname) brought me to one of the band's practice. I had forgotten when was the last time I relaxed and enjoyed myself that way. It is refreshing to see all kinds of people get together, even when they are so busy with their work and their life, to raise funds for charity. What is more refreshing is that all return from the concert are given straight to charity. They take none for themselves.

Me with sensei
In my heart, while I was looking at them singing and playing their music I was praising them for their effort and commitment. In my heart, I thank Allah that in this cold and modern day where people are only out for themselves, there are still people like these people who cares. I longed to be a part of them. But I croak more than I sing and I destroy songs with my guitar playing. So that's why I said, it renewed my resolution. To be able to do something with the music that I loved so much, I just HAVE to be able to play one myself.

All I can do for now is to create this post. These amazing people are doing a charity concert this Friday to raise funds for a school of mentally challenged children. Their tickets are sold at only RM35 but if you feel it in your heart to give more than that, then go ahead and do so. If you are interested, you can leave a comment here with your contact details. And I will get back to you soon.

In my opinion, they sounded great. To prove it to u guys, here's a sneak peak of one of their original song. Excuse my poor camera handling (again).

Hope you enjoyed it!

Adios from the brat


  1. I Like this post.. So U r the one who ur sensei r talking about!! Yup True,Music is Music,I even into Shcool Nasyid when I was at secondary school.. ^_^.v.. Hehehe.. What's the problem rite?? Listen to the good music make Us GOOD!! ^_^.v..

  2. *blush* thanks
    *blush* sensei talks about me?
    Blush* hahaha~ thanks again :)

  3. Yeah.. He like the way Ur view about Music.. ^_^.v.. And he is the one who tell me about your blog.. ^_^.v.
    btw,I know more than half of those Pure Heart.. and the Saxo,my great teacher.. Did U know he learn the SAXO all by himself??

  4. awww~ then I owe sensei more blog visitors :)

    Saxo guy? you mean Elci? Yeah he's awesome. I had no idea he was self taught. That is quite a difficult instrument to learn right? Hontouni Sugoi~

  5. Yeah.. I thought the same too.. But,I think Guitar is more complicated.. as they are so much style and not to play.. with various skill..

    But for saxo,you just need to know the code,and the skill oh blowin it.. ^_^.v.. Hehehe..

  6. well, that does make sense~~ that's why I think sensei is super awesome!! hehe

    But I always thought guys who plays saxo looks extra cool especially in pictures... don't u agree? hehe...

  7. Of coz.. That's because the shape of the saxo,and only seldom of em can play well.. But guitar,almost everyone play it.. LoL.. ^_^.v..

  8. Just seeing back this post and I think.. TERLALU SKEMA la my ayat here.. ho ho ho.. deng.. and just seeing Setso (the Afrikans) faces are damn funny here.. Oh I miss Setso..

  9. that's because at that time u have not yet know me. Nyahahha~



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