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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Worth of memories

I've been rummaging through my collection of pictures I've taken (and been taken) so far and I find myself looking at 'me' through my memories... 

Pictures are... capturing a moment in time... I found myself looking at pictures that worth a thousand words. I remembered those moments that were captured and remember myself being happy at that moment and I smiled. 

But looking at those moments also reminded me of the times beyond those moment.

Times when things gets harder, when things doesn't seem too bright and times when I got hurt a lot. Those times when you wish you doesn't exist, times when you wish you had everything and those times when you wish you were numb of all senses...

Then, I find myself wondering, in all those times I was down, Why had I never remembered those times that makes me smile? Through all the pain I've been through, why didn't the happy memories keeps me from dying inside? Had I been ignorant? Had I been blind? Or am I just really forgetful?

"Aaaah" I thought to myself... Maybe this is the reason I had these pictures. Maybe this is the reason, people capture those one moment in time... 

It's to remind them again, when they are down, there are happy memories... 
Despite the bleakness, there was once a light..

and we must never forget it, so that come what may, we would always be able to pick ourselves up - even when we're broken down to bits and pieces.

and smile :)

keep smiling alls,
from the Brat with Opinions,


  1. ur 1st photo is nice,... dun worry always happy ya! :D

  2. @henry thanx!. I am happy - well content at least. hope u are too.

  3. yah getting chubby and chubbier LOL :P cheer-up!



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