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Monday, June 13, 2011

My "Secret Garden" dream~~

Maybe some of you didn't know, before brat was a mass communication student, brat was an Architecture student. Due to some circumstances I decided to take my leave and be on my way to something I feel better for me. Let's just keep that boring old story some other time, okay?

Anyway, even though I had long left that area, some of it's influence never left me. I still marvel at different architectural design and sometimes wish I could be the one designing or at least the one who owned it. In terms of houses, brat's preference is more on the modern side. I love those simple, cold design very MUCH! 

Modern houses. Pictures from Google

So, a few days ago, brat did a marathon watching a Korean drama called "Secret Garden". The drama was very enjoyable and you come to love the characters like you always do in Korean dramas. In case you're wondering how I rate this drama, I gave it 4 1/2 stars out of 5. It was funny, the story line was interesting, the acting is wonderful, the songs are beautiful and it has a great ending as well. Is it a must watch? YES DEFINITELY.

Anyway, what marvels me are the houses in that drama. Since the main character is claustrophobic, the house is a wonder of architecture - seriously. Plus, it is also probably because they are so damn rich that they can afford such houses. 

The exterior
The main hall
The glass bathroom
The cousin's music room

Looking at these pictures, I can't help but think,

Sigh~ I'd have to work super damn hard or find myself a billionaire husband.

The later is somewhat un-reachable. lols. Means, I'm gonna have to work hard or just be content with what I will have. Haisy~~

So, do you guys like modern houses too?


  1. i love secret garden too! :)

  2. omgg i've finished watching this and your blogpost made me want to watch it again ! His house is crazily awesome la !

  3. wow.. beautiful place! cepat cepat.. go get urself a dying rich old man.. lol.. just kidding kay? :P

  4. now that's a thought! haha. But just the thought of it run shivers to me. I don't think so~ lol

  5. I'm gonna have like one, 3 years from now. By God's grace, in Jesus name!



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