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Friday, August 20, 2010

Two HATE letters to brat... :(

This is my first time ever receiving such letters. And it comes in double! This post is a bit late, but I still want to share it with you guys.

It started with an almost normal day for the brat. Usually I will ride a stick geared Kancil to campus. but my 'lovely' little brother went and smash it to smithereens when he decided to doze off on wheel and crashed with the divider (no injuries and one died - the engine). So, I was planning to ride his motorbike to the campus when I found out that it just won't start. So, I had no other choice but to take my mom's car - an automated geared Wira.

Arrived a little bit late than usual and the usual happens, no more parking space. So the brat had no other choice but to double park.

The usual packed student parking near my faculty

Of course, brat put the handbrakes down first before exiting the car, like she always did. So no problem there right? Except for one thing, the brat, like all normal human beings do - made a mistake, she forgot to put the gear on neutral 'N'.

And so, 8 hours later, the brat found these two letters from  'concerned Samaritans' (since it is not signed).

"B***h! I'm fasting and you are lessening my good deeds point! Pig!"

"Hey pig head! Next time free gear when you double park! Do not make me find you and burn your car! D**n!

Simply charming aren't they?? Budi Bahasa Budaya Kita... MY FOOT!

I am not denying that it was my fault. I probably deserve it. But re reading it again just boils my temper. My mood changed from apologetic to angry to sad in matter of seconds.

I mean, what's with the pig word? HELLO! Pigs DON'T DRIVE. Humors aside, what if, the person who drove that car was not me - a mere student. What if it's their mother, or father, or their grandparents or their parents' and grandparent's friend or a lecturer, a professor, or someone foreign? Didn't they think a bit how that would reflect on them, their parents, the Uni, AND the country?

"kau kurangkan pahala aku.." I am sorry for being a hindrance, and being the source of your anger, BUT for lessening your good deeds points (pahala) It is YOUR FAULT. You were the one who decided to use such harsh words. You were the one who decides to get mad without considering the other person's situation. TOO BAD you have less pahala!

"jangan sampai aku cari ko..." Oh PLEASE DO SO!!! If you have any guts at all, you would have signed your name and left your phone number there for me to find you in the first place! Come and find me, if you read this, FIND ME, and I'll give a PIECE of MY BRATTY mind!

I don't mind being reprimand when I am wrong. I accept that I had made a mistake, and I humbly apologize for it. But the words they used is just So WRONG! Had it been me, I would've left this kind of message instead,

"Excuse me, next time you double park, please make sure that you put your gear on 'Neutral'. This is inconveniencing other people. When you are leaving, please contact 010******. Thank You"

At the very least, I could mention the person's mistake as well as avoid making anyone angry, right?

This is saddening to me because there are at least 80% chance that the writer of those letters was a Muslim. That was the first day of Ramadhan, and Ramadhan is supposed to be a month of peace, and a month where we exercise our patience. Instead, this happens. Where is the meaning of the month?

What will happen to the future of Malaysia if the country is ruled by a bunch of people who do not know how to be considerate and are always following their emotions instead of thinking rationally?  I'll leave you guys to ponder on that.

From a brat with opinions,


  1. being polite is good..
    but some rather take the harsh way.. oh well.. =/

  2. They should have been more polite. But, maybe they were in a hurry like you were too.

    I'm sure after this, you'd always remember to put your gear to N. :P

  3. @ken that's why it is sad...

    @zh. I probably wont XD

  4. Gee, some 'mahasiswa'we have here. Can't even spell please and thank you despite its simplicity. Shame. Guess, you should write a reply and leave it somewhere visible XD

  5. haha i think everyone would be angry when on empty stomach

  6. Why the heck they used such harsh words? Urm.... If I'm the person, probably the best I can do is to flat the tires, haha.

  7. well, at least you know not to act like that since you already how the receiving end would feel. im sure u've learned your mistake. maybe next time, leave a note with your phone no. on a piece of paper. also, leave the gear on N of course hehe. (and no handbrake/footbrake? =P)



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