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Friday, August 27, 2010

An Insight on the Brat

Personality test. Now be honest, Why do you do Personality Test??

Some might say "I want to know more about me" many would say "In order to know what is best for me I need to understand myself" and some would go for "Unleashing my potential" excuse.

Truth - I love doing personality tests.
Truth - I'm doing it because I just love reading about the good things that I am. LOL. That - and I like comparing how the tests reflect my real personality - it is so FUN!

Alright - we have already establish the fact that the brat is weird - some zillion lifetime ago.

Anyway, I just did another personality test based on Carl Jung and Isabel Briggs Myers typological approach here. My result came back as ENFP or Extraverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceiving  personality. Basically what it means is;

  • I am uber friendly
hi! I'm Nana the friendly gh-- err brat.
  • I like people, and people like me 
Maybe I should make my own fan-club? lol
  • I like to think and ponder and then dismiss it

  • I hate bureaucracy

  • I have a "silly switch" means that I am super serious and super educated at one time and suddenly I could go bananas the next.

  • I talk a lot and I like to share it (well, duh

  • I am just well - weird. 
So what's yours?
Yes, this is a short post.
Yes, the brat is lazy.
Yes, the brat is still as bratty as ever...

The brat,

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