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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire...

Have you ever wondered why people tend to lie when they did something wrong? Lying, seems like an easy way out, but when the truth is, in the end, it will cause much more havoc, much more heartache and hurt, then when you admit it in the first place. Actually, most of us know that already, but still we choose to lie. Why?

I blame my elders for that.

Subconsciously we had been taught by our environment that telling the truth will only get us into trouble. Just imagine a careless child spilling the water on the floor. When mommy ask who did it, and the child innocently confess - the child obviously got scolded by mommy. Scolded wrongly, the kid learned admitting your wrong and telling the truth will get you into trouble, instead of trying to be more careful next time. Then imagine this scenario happens again, do you think the child would confess again? Even an animal had better sense than doing so.

This scenario happens not once but a few times as we grow up. Every time we confess on doing something wrong, we usually got into trouble for it. Slowly, it became engraved in our minds and we feel afraid to tell the truth and we opt for the long way and seemingly less painful way out, by lying.

So I am making a vow to myself today, and making you guys as my witnesses that I would not scold my children in the way that makes them afraid to tell the truth the next time.

You guys should think about it too. What we are today are the result of what we learn by observing what others do and how they treat us and are being treated throughout our lives. Are we going to let our children opt for lying, when lying is actually a more painful and long way out?

Well, it's just me, a brat saying, But hey, just because I'm a brat, that doesn't mean I'm wrong. Heed the saying 

"Listen not to who are saying but to what they are saying".

Take care,
Another short jot in by The Brat,


  1. well said. though i believe if parents don't just punish kids when they do wrong but also rewards them when they do good, kids would learn that, doing good will not get them into trouble. so, lying = bad = trouble. hehe

  2. You are right! Thats the way kids should learn. :)

  3. kids don't know anger, they learn it....usually from the people closest to them...

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  5. Hi!

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