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Monday, August 2, 2010

Who says the BRAT can't be a MANAGER?

As it turns out, the brat is one heck of a sucessful manager. Maybe it is just luck, maybe my team is so damn talented or maybe I just have the STAR within me to be a manager.

I like it to be the last. ^_^

Maybe I'm some kind of Maurinho disciple - "The One" lols.

Whatever the reason is, I am proud to announce that The Faculty of Mass Communication UiTM's Hockey Team emerge victorious - as the champion no less!!

A celebration - I just Love this picture

We are the CHAMPIONS!!
Read more about it here ---> From Zero to Hero


  1. Owhh roses among the thorn I see.. hehehhe

  2. hak hak.. thorn, bees, whatever you want to call em. I'm still the rose :p



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