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Monday, October 21, 2013

Random Wacky Cuteness that is Riyal~

Happy Monday peeps!!
Is there such thing as a happy Monday? lols~

For those who has been stomped over the Monday Blues,
well, too bad!! Muahahah!

So this glorious Monday, Brat would like to introduce a new cutie that Brat has recently discovered. Brat has always had a special soft spot for cuties~~ Especially those with undeniable talent which makes them even more adorable!
Previously, I have introduced you peeps to the BeatBoxing Cutie Pie that is Koujee, who now is now flying high with his Stardom and looking cooler than ever! You can check on his updates on his official FB page.

Today, I would like to introduce you to another Beatboxing Cutie, Riyal.

Unlike the super cute, sweetness of a pie that is Koujee, Riyal is more of a Random-Wacky-Skittles kind of cutie. Oh yes, Believe the Rainbows! Hahah~
I met him through a mutual friend and colleague for work purpose. He came in as a talent for one of our gigs (oh yes, he can dance!) and we liked him from the get go. I bumped into him for "Galactic Laser Halloween Party" (details of event will be posted up soon). He's as wacky as ever and is such an entertainer. I would say that the emcee that day had an easy job with his help. hahah. He is soooo much wacky that Suzai from Sizzling Suzai said and I quote "mana you kutip dia ni?" (where did you pick up this guy?) LOL. Check out some of his antiques:

But as much as I know he is wacky and talented, I have never heard or seen him perform beatboxing until that night.
The only photo of him performing that I have from that night. It was dark, and my dslr is not with me. Sigh~
I was hooked! I am still processing his performance and will post it up in my Galactic Laser Halloween Party experience. Here's one favorite video of him from about a year ago that totally shows his wackiness. This is a battle with Stanza at the TYGS Beatbox Battle 2012.

But of course, being the awesome Brat that I am, I did not let this kind of chance meeting to go to waste.I MADE HIM do a shout out for me to share with you!!! How awesome is that? Muahahahhaa.... Check out this SUUUUPER exclusive video for the awesomely bratty ME!

Damn he's adorable. hahah.

Oh yes, if you read my post about Nuffnang Tweatfest, you would have read that I featured him a bit before this post. If you haven't, well, what are you waiting for? Go!

That's it for this update. stay-tuned for more stuff coming up soon!

Your Brattiness,

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