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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Random Thursday:Seriously Random

Why is it when you have so many things to do, you usually find yourself not knowing what to do?

Why is it, when you are so busy, you have tons and tons of ideas to blog about but when you have free time like right at this moment, your mind goes blank?

I had been busy with a lot of things this past few weeks, I rarely had time to reflect on my life. I just re-discovered the wonders of makeup during one of our shows in September when my awesome aunt introduced me to her sister-in-law makeup skills. Checkout her facebook page if you wanna engage her.

I totally dig this makeup
My sister's makeup is also done by her. 
I feel I have never looked more pretty (despite the slightly red eyes). Now if only I get to wear the makeup with the gorgeous baju kurung designs from Zalora's online butik my life would be complete! Unfortunately for me, my budget is SUUUUPER terrible right now. I will have to KIV first. But SOOON! 

Anyways, thanks to this, lately I have been experimenting on makeup myself. I "accidentally" spent my non-existent budget for makeup. *sigh~ Photos? next time... hahah

Oh, and I have also just passed my twenty seven *gasp* birthday! I can't believe how old I am already! I spent too much time hanging around people younger than me that I totally forgot my real age. (yeah right). As if people will actually allow me to forget it. lol. But anyways, for my birthday, I had a special cute little doodle from one of my favourite comic blogger, Akiraceo a.k.a Jian a.k.a Miaow.

Go and check out his blog "Miaow & WafuPafu" and keep on reading. You'll love him as much as I do in no time!

I have also completely toasted my BB and my Android. Now currently I have just "borrowed" my mom's phone so that I won't waste my data plan. So please understand if I do not respond to any whatsapp or bbm or tweets as diligently as I used to.

So to complete my Random day post, I'm going to share some sentences that may change your life. For me, it is good food for my soul. It is much to thin lately and need feeding - unlike it's everlasting bloating master. lol.

Well, that's it for my random Thursday. I wish you all nice day ahead, and all the best!

Sincerely still Bratty,

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