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Sunday, October 6, 2013

NN Food Fest 2013 - Malaysia First Ever Tw(Eat) Fest

Howdy peeps.
It seems a long time since I last wrote anything with any brains here. hoho. Sorry about that :p
So today, since i'm in mood, I'm writin. XD

I've missed the previous Nuffnang's Food Fest and this year, I thought I should go and see it. I mean, it is something different. You tweet then you get to eat. We're like using the social media currency.

Well, of course you don't really get that much of portion, so I did not really expect to eat till I'm burst. lol

Some of my tweets on the day

But with the many many vendors that were there that day, I was pretty full by the time I reached the last booth.

But most of all, I had fun. I had a funny companion on that day that eats twice (or more) as much as I do. Thanks Riyal for accompanying me to the event.

A Funny Photo of a Fun-filled Day
Just a heads-up, girls, Riyal is 21 and single (and according to him very available). He has a fun and pleasant personality, easy-going and he's one of hell of an entertainer. He dance, he acts and he beat-box. He also knows karate so you can feel secure around him. So if anyone wants to get to know him, can check out his facebook page. (I'm getting him to set up his blog and twitter soon so you can get to know him more *wink *wink). 

P/s: Riyal, you owe me for this :p

We spent a very pleasant evening eating free stuff. muahahha... I'm looking forward to the next event such as this XD

Just a short update from the brat,

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