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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Comic Bloggers @Churpout 2013

Harlowww people!!
How are you this fine Wednesday?
Hope you are having splendid fun despite this still being early days of the week, hehe.

Anyways, last Saturday, 19/10/2013 ChurpChurp hosted yet another one of their infamous Churpout. This year, they had an even bigger venue than last year. With lotsa lotsa of activities happening. Unfortunately, like last year, I came late after work (this year was a bit improvement) plus it was raining quite heavily when I reached there so I did not exactly manage to take many photos, So check out some of these photos I siphoned from ChurpChurp or other bloggers.

Yeap and I missed quite a lot of it. Thus, I make the Comic Bloggers my center of topic today.

Last year, thanks to work, I arrived very late at the Churpout. By the time  arrive, the comic bloggers have finished packing. Although I did manage to snap a pic with Jian and Ernest ^_^v

With Ernest and Jian at Churpout2012. Photos credit to Spinzer
So I was not able to get some artworks from them and since they head to a non-halal place (which they did not realize it was until seated) I was separated from them and was not able to hang and chat with them - which is not so bad since thanks to that,  I get to meet and chill with some cool youtubers like Dan Khoo, Joseph Germani and TheGrimFilm dudes and Reuben from JinnyboyTV.

can u identify the youtubers from this pic? lol
This year, although I am still late, I managed to grab some of the comic bloggers by their necks and DEMAND they do their artwork for me - eventhough they were half packing already. But, CheeChingy, Bulat and Eric Leeh managed to wheedle through my grasp.

Anyways, here are some photos of the comic bloggers during event. Photos credits to DustyHawk

Oh and a photo of me with Miaow and Jian Goh!
Cuteness Overdose!!
So basically, all of them sort of draw us on a piece of paper which then, we will need to built into a robot. I took quite sometime to finally assemble my minions!!

I put on a space on my dressing table especially for them

From Left, by Ernest, by Kendrick, by Jian Goh, by Wai Kit
For some reason, they all ended up drawing me in extreme grinning happy mode. I must have laughed a lot at that time. lol. So which of the artwork do you think most resemble me?

Make sure to check out these awesome comic artists blogs for awesome fun cartoons!

Eric Leeh :

On a side note, that day Churpout2013 has some awesome giant bubbles!!

Of course, I did not miss the chance to run in the middle of the people and took my photo. heheh
Thanks to Elwyn for helping me take these happy photos of mine. lols oh and I am also accidentally promoting Miaow there. I 'stole' the signboard from Jian - with permission :p
And I even almost have a video clip for it! hahah! Thanks Michelle Leong! Note the appearence of The Elwyn monster at the end of the clip. lol

All in all, I had quite an awesome evening despite my feet being completely drenched. lol.

I was only planning to write a short post, but it ends up being a bit long :p
An update from the Brat,


  1. huhu xjadi pergi last minute cancel coz got lot of things to settle on that saturday! huh nak jumpe Earnest tuhhhh hahahha

    1. Earnest? Tak kenal... Tak kenal... haha
      Ernest is cool. He bailed rather early saying "he has another event".... He actually just wants to escape doing the reverse bungee. hahah. Anyway, just keep following him on his fb. He usually announce if he's appearing somewhere. So catch him then :)

  2. well, i do attend it last year but this year can't make it. thanks for sharing those pictures~



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