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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pre CNY Lou Sang Dinner with Inniters!

I am in no way a Chinese.
There are no direct lineage in my family related by blood is Chinese.


That doesn't mean I won't have a freakin awesome time with my Chinese friends!!!

picture from Carmen

Last Friday, we had our little innit gathering at Sri Melaka, One Utama. They were sweet and considerate enough think about me and Teh Tarik the two minorities who will be joining them and find a halal place to eat. (I love you alls!!) I for one had never been to a lou sang before, although I do know a bit on how it works.

NOTICE: Most of the pictures here do not belong to me. Since I didn't bring my camera that day (which I really regretted) I took the pictures from other's blog and facebook(s). They are :- Jayren, Xing, Melissa, Tehtarik, Stephanie, Carmen, babebaboon.

Anyway, arriving gracefully late, (I was the last to arrive), I saw a number of more than 30 people in red at the place, conquering half of the place, and 4 large tables.  It was a super sight to behold!

What is most awesome is that, we were all







So what does a little difference in religion or beliefs or race matters?

Absolutely NOTHING!

All of us had fun.

All of us wear something in red (almost)

All of us joined in to mix up the yee sang as high as we could

and most importantly, all of us were there.

Being the brat that has a very soft spot for the prettiness~ I can't help myself from taking picture with the most pretty guy there. Edwin CK - model, photographer and blogger. I knew he was pretty from his pictures, but I find myself eyeing him whenever he walks by. He's sooo pretty! lols. Super leng zai I tell you! 

My sis saw this and said "he's prettier than u!" FML

Apart from him, of course, the other girls there won't lose to him (well, except for the brat). 

Sher Degarmo XD

Met with Jiayeen again!

She's so cute!!! Kah Mon

The ever reliable organizer - Xing

And the other guys were all looking good too!

Henry the Clever Munkey

Mr. Tikkoss

I have to say, this was one of the best gathering I've ever been to, EVER!!

It was really, really, REALLY nice meeting you guys!

p/s: I am bad with names, and I am lazy to hunt around for all the names. So I decided to leave out all names (to avoid hurt feelings) except for people who take personal pic with me  and Xing (cuz she's the organizer). Seriously, it's not you, It's me. 

Happy Chinese New Year All!

-ever the brat,


  1. watching all the pics made me miss my ol peeps in school...XD

  2. Nice post Nana ! Nice to meet you too ! =D

  3. love how you write this post! =D nice meeting you.. this is one memorable gathering =D

  4. Wonderful your grouping photo's and nice post of dinner. thanks for most info shared. i like your post. some photo's very funny ......

    Romantic Dinner

  5. awh~ You are such sweet friend! nice to know u nana! and, u have a well written post here. good job. =)

  6. so cool photo's with romantic diner...... thank............



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