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Thursday, February 24, 2011

I've Got The Power with Sucker Punch!!!

What's better than FIVE girls with attitude, kicking asses, sucker punching, fighting samurais and baddies armed with looks that could kill?

Sucker Punch

Try having SIX of them!!

Oh yes, a new sucker punching, kicking asses, awesome gal had joined the team. She's dangerous, she's agile, she's the best yet. She's Nana Eddy!!

BUT she has yet to prove herself.

1st up. to join the team, she needs to suit up! Like these gals

She must blend in, she musn't over shadow the leader....

Just perfect...

2nd, She must be able to deliver a SUCKER PUNCH!

Easily Done!

Alright, the hardest part,

Get invites to Sucker Punch Premier Screening by NUFFNANG on 22nd March 2011 at GSC One Utama.

Damn. That's gonna be tough!!

Ah well, See you there! (If by luck or by chance I'm invited)

Bratty as always,

p/s: most of the pic do not belong to me



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