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Friday, February 25, 2011

Another TIPS on Nuff's BE

If you type BE, Nuffnang, Tips on Google, you would probably come across a lot of tips of what to do and NOT to do.

I actually found out about this by accident. I had joined nuff for more than half a year and I only have one BE during the whole time. I check out the tips that people posted and make the changes but, even though my unique visitor is 100++ a day, I still didn't get any BE. So, I decided to create a ticket and send it to nuff. It said,

Note the date. My last and ONLY BE was on July. I sent the ticket on December. 6 month gap. I got kinda upset when I read people cashing out on Nuff when they had enter later or at almost the same time as me.
Then, I got my reply.

And so, there you go. When I marked "social/politic" on my survey, I was actually concentrating on the "social" part. Since I do blog about current issues related to the society. I had no idea that STUPID little mistake caused me 6months of NO BE!!

If you're wondering where this is, go to your BLOG MANAGER, then Click on UPDATE SURVEY
and make sure you don't mark 

So there, if you guys made the same mistake at me, quickly change it.

Oh yeah, as proof, let me post my BE (Buffered Earning) and Metered Earning (Buffered Earning after the promo is done) now, 2 months after I corrected my mistake.

now that's much better than the 6 month hiatus right?
Hope this helps! Good Luck!



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