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Friday, January 28, 2011

Sweetness of a rendezvous @ Whisk

I had the most sweetest early dinner in my whole life...

At a little sweet cafe called the Whisk.

Accompanied by the sweetest, cutest guy ever!!!

My life seemed like an abundance of sweetness~~

Our 2nd rendezvous. 


I made another date to have another rendezvous with the ever cutie pie FikriFayi (blogger cum photographer) for a hunt for macaroons. After reviewing and searching and asking (mostly to uncle google) we decided to go to Empire Shopping Gallery.

pic taken from Kenny Sia

Tucked at almost a corner at Lower Ground level of Empire Shopping Gallery is a small cafe called Whisk. I had been reading review about this little cafe, so I was highly anticipating the trip there that day.

I knew it was going to be a small cafe, but I was so shocked to see how small it is!

another pic from Kenny Sia

Nevertheless the concept and the interior is very much inviting, and it gives us a whole different feeling than any other cafes in Malaysia.

As I stepped into the cafe, the the very fragrant aroma of coffee filled my nose. It is not those like the overwhelming ones you can smell when you walk by Starbucks or Coffee Bean, it was so soft, and I just love the way it smelled in there.

Even the little beautiful mess in their cafe made me feel so at ease...

Anyway, we went there to try the so-much-talked-about Macaroons there. We tried a piece of each flavors - there were six. strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, peanut butter, salted caramel and blueberry.

and it was sooooo sweeet!. Fikri loved the vanilla flavor and we both really like the chocolate one. If you guys have a craving for sweets. Definitely try these. If I didn't order a cup of Coffee Latte, I would not be able to eat sweet food for days! (because I don't usually take a lot of sweets).

I have to admit, that the price is a bit expensive for my budget. My coffee latte cost me RM10, and 6pc of macaroons cost me RM12. Oh yeah, and Fikri ordered a piece of pizza (which was quite good) at RM14.40.

Although I don't fancy sweets that much (especially expensive ones) I think Whisk is worth the visit. In fact I plan to go there again and have give their ever popular red velvet cake a try.

Anyone care to join me next time?

The brat who's submerged in sweetness~

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  1. hi..i membalas kunjungan...ganas nye..wall clock awak tuh...he..he..thanks



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