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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Proton n Perodua - our Pride or Our Shame?

This is gonna be another short post.

I know zit to none about cars, except for something here n there i picked up while listening to others talk.

By my standard, although Proton or Perodua is not exactly a luxury car, I would say it is okay - despite the widely known poor quality of the "tin-car" body and etc. In a way, I do feel proud that Malaysia is able to become the ONLY car-producing country in SEA. I really, really do.

Look, I know the cars are not that good, or up to par with other makes - but I never knew how much until I stumbled upon this site from UK...

I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Yikes, harsh.... What an awful review!! I wished I didn't read this, seriously. I went through other car's review from the site and couldn't find a worst review than this. FML.

Haisy~ at first my thought was "now I'm not sure if I should be proud or ashamed"

BUT, then I started to go around the WWW and read reviews on the car and I find myself smiling. I thought "hey, it's JUST an opinion. Who cares?" As long as YOU like it, scratch whatever everyone is saying. Really, no one knows what you need, what you want and what you can, better than yourselves. And furthermore, aside from the terrible review, there are a lot of good ones as well. So take your time and look around.

It's late, and brat without sufficient sleep won't be fun at all. Take care now!

The Brat,

p/s: I love Proton Savvy - it's gonna be the first car I bought for myself. Just wait for it.


  1. that sounds harsh.. well i have no idea about car but I found it as long as it is in good form and convenient, everythg should be all right..

  2. wah.. the reviews.. straight to the face..
    but perhaps that's why malaysian cars are cheap.. :)

  3. top gear juz making their website more interesting to read and their show more interesting to watch.

    Myvi is my fav. Selling well in Malaysia proved tat Myvi isn't a bad buy. But I have to say that Savvy is terrible. Don't buy it, a sardine can is a better buy XD (learning top gear)

  4. @qi wen - damn right!
    @ken - yeah. I think so too..
    @simon. don't care. still want savvy :p btw, savvy are made with maximizing interior space so, it is much better than a sardine can.



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