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Monday, November 22, 2010

The Wrath of a Blogger

It is interesting to see how far a person would go once they put their mind in it. I would have applauded with all 20 fingers if I can to Supia for standing up for her beliefs.Just think, just to prove her point, she waded through 153 posts!! I'll be dizzy after just reading 15 blogs. She's one determined and awesome chick if you ask me.

Reading her recent post on her dissatisfaction of NN's competition a thought crossed my mind, NEVER provoke the wrath of a serious blogger. You'd be signing off your early retirement letter if you do. Probably, one might think, what can a puny little blogger do to a large organization? Agreed that one puny no-body blogger will make little or no impact. But try to stop and think, what happens when there are a lot of other bloggers who read their blog agrees with them? What if one mega famous blogger happens to read their post, agreed and re-post it or tell their followers to go and take a peak on that post? Do you still think it will not effect your organization?

I am not agreeing or disagreeing with Supia's claims. I think she has her points, but I also think that NN have their own procedures. After all, there is always two sides in a story. However, mistakes as this, might spell the end of NN if they are not careful. If bloggers start to run away from them, no matter how many advertisers they get, it wouldn't make any change.

The blogosphere may be a large area, but it is one that resonates and multiply. 

A pin falling on the floor might sound like a bomb exploding in the blogosphere world. So thread the waters carefully if you don't want to fall into a whirlpool.

I am really tired to have coherent thoughts. So I'll end this post here now. Just writing to support this friend of mine. Go check out her blog and see if you agree with her :) Supiaholic

Think I'm SWEET? Then PROVOKE me and I'll make you THINK AGAIN, -the brat,


  1. Thanks for your support!!
    If you won't check NN latest contest, creativity is no longer on stack, its random now. Guess, they do hear us.

  2. good for them. and good for you :) see your small pin had exploded like a bomb XD

  3. Nice one =) It is with social medias one person voice can now be amplify into a Louder voice.

  4. yezza! thanks for supia chao for her finding.

  5. Yeah, and I only fill my blog with nonsensical contents. Shame on me. lol



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