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Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Brat and The Wilderness

 "Who says poets are so enthralled with mountains? Mountains,
mountains, mountains— I've raved on and on, and they're still

clamoring for attention. A thousand peaks, ten thousand ridges:
it's too much for me. If I climb an hour, I need to rest for three.

When your desk is piled full, you just can't add anything more,
and when your withered stomach is full, who can keep eating?

So what good's even a faint scrap of mist or kingfisher-green?
I'll wrap it all up, send the whole bundle off to my city friends"
-David Hinton, Mountain home                                  

The Brat spent 3days and 2 nights at National Park, Pahang. Admittedly the brat has the heart that every explorer and outdoor lovers need, but unfortunately with a stamina that is weaker than thread cut with a scissors. Thus the highlighted quote "it's too much for me. If I climb an hour, I need to rest for three".

Nevertheless, despite the difficulties and problems the brat needed to face, it didn't hinder me from enjoying my visit as well as appreciating what mother nature preserved for us there.

The first thing that the Brat feels is well, -tiny- just look at how the people are compared to some of very old trees.

Okay so the journey continues deep into the jungle (well, not so deep or we would've crossed pass with tigers and elephants) anyway, on the first few steps into the wilderness, the Brat met a little friend called millie. - Her full name is millipede.

guys, say hi! to Millie

This, blue-alien-like colored leaves according to Mr. Guide for the day is the prove of how old our forest are. If you think 24 years is OLD, try 240 000 years! He said that the plant changes color so that it would not need too much sunlight.

He leaves really does look shiny like that.
This is one plant I just find irresistible to not mention. The name is "Tapak Hantu" *creepy sound effect Oooouuuuu~ No, it's not "Ghost Footprints" literally. It is supposedly to be WAAY much better than "Kacip Fatimah" in preserving and restoring women's "energy". Someone should really commercialize this plant.

Tapak Hantu

I just want to post up this plant because it has the same name as me. Liana (though different spelling). It's the one swirling around the big hunk trunk. The plant is used by the natives to pin point direction. It acts like a compass. Just like the stars are to sailors.


Alright, next stop the canopy walkway.

They should take me as their model for this lols~ (despite being sweaty as hell)
The steps towards reaching the walkway is hell for lazy bums with little or no stamina like me but the place is worthwhile the effort. See, I even manage to snap some pictures of myself walking along the swaying walkway 40 meters from the solid ground among the tress.

And after that, more hiking, and finally we reached the top!!!!

No, I lied. I never reached the top. Do not have the energy. And I do not wish to lag the team's schedule (yes, it's an excuse).  lols~ Anyway, after (long, exhausting, foot numbing) way back and a bit of rest, we're off for rapid shooting experience. Taking the speedboats, we were off to visit the Batek settlements (they are one of Orang Asli tribe).

We arrived there safely, and totally drenched. Courtesy of our guide with a wicked sense of humor. Don't get me wrong. It was the WICKED-est fun I've had in such a long time. Pure adrenaline rush and wickedness you can't find in any other rides. You'd have to try it yourself to know.

Oh yes, we were drenched from head to toe
So the Batek tribe is quiet and shy people. But it is said that they can speak both in Bahasa and English. So don't go off and say whatever you like because they might actually understand you. I think they must be geniuses to learn both languages without even going to school. (they think school is too restrictive).

future geniuses?

and not to mention skilled!

Of course, I wouldn't miss the chance of trying out their weaponry.

And our poor target of the day is the yellow bear.

All in all the Brat had a marvellous time at The National Park, Pahang. You should give a visit to the place too! A bit of nature can't hurt right??

The Brat signing off after a tiring week,


  1. Been to Taman Negara few years back. Didn't do the shooting rapid thingy thought. Went to lata Berkoh je rasanya. The water there smelled like rootbir, hehehe.

  2. looks really adventurous!
    never been there tho.. and i wont dare to touch the millipede :P

  3. @Dreamerz u should really try it. It was uber fun

    @ken it was! and I didn't dare to touch it either



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