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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Acro What??? They Just make my head spins

Okay, I must admit, ACRONYMS or ABBREVIATIONS are the trend. I use it sometimes too. Like lols, btw, ASAP. But seriously too much of something is REALLY bad. There are a hell lot of this acro thingy flying about the web AND real life that it makes my head spin.

Yes u might think I'm too old fashioned or too "kampung'-y but I really DO NOT understand half of the acro used in the web. And eventhough I found out the meaning later, I still feel that it is ridiculous.


the word "LMAO" (Laugh My Ass Off) sounds a lot like "lemau" (state where cookies or chips has become un-crunchy) to me.

ROFL (Rolling On the Floor Laughing) sounds like someone chocked on something and is trying to call out for help.

IMO (In My Opinion) sounds like someone confessing being an "emo"

And there also some other Acro I've never heard off. This are some that sprung out from a website while I was doing a bit ground research  on this

afaik as far as I know
afaict as far as I can tell
afk away from keyboard
atm at the moment
bbiab be back in a bit  (I would've mistaken someone calling me a bab.. if I didn't know this)
bbiaf be back in a few (minutes)
bbl be back later
bbs be back soon
bfo blinding flash of the obvious
ctrn can’t talk right now
cul8r see you later (It almost looks like a calculator)
fubar f***ed up beyond all recognition
fwiw for what it’s worth
iam in a meeting (I would've thought the text was written unfinished "I am??")
ianal I am not a lawyer ("I anal" OMG!! *horror)
ihmb I hate my boss
imho in my humble opinion
irl in real life
gmta great minds think alike
otoh on the other hand
pita pain in the ass (PITA? *raise eyebrow questioningly TAPE? tape worm? lols)
rsn real soon now (reason? raisin?)
slap sounds like a plan (*Ouch)
ttfn ta ta for now (people really use this? why not just use "bye" instead?)
ttyl talk to you later
xfer transfer

I mean, do you guys seriously use most of this? It is damn hard to be understood - not unless you are familiar with it... Hmmm should I use it on my tweets from now on?

*sigh I feel so old

The old brat,


  1. hahaha
    susah sgt!

  2. It took me forever to know what FML meant!...
    Do you know?

  3. @lelaki ini.. kan kan?? haha
    @Benjamin it means F**k My Life

  4. hahah... yg dlm bm pun kdg2 ssh nak faham apatah lagi yg dlm bi... ish3... OMG tau r..



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