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Friday, November 26, 2010

STOP Child Abuse


What is more horrible than being physically abused? Believing that bruises and blemishes on your face and body is a normal thing to have? Believing that pain is love, or that pain is normal? 

Yes the worst thing about being abused is not the physical pain or about the bruises and blemishes that appears on ones face and body, but the emotional scar that never leaves you even when you grew older. The subconscious denial you have or the answers you search when you ask the question why? "Why am I being treated this way?" "Why are my parents angry?" "Why are they doing this?" "Why me?"

Being a child to me is being carefree about the world. The time where we would have fun, make friends and learn all sorts of thing and just be happy. We would have endless things to worry about when we get older, so as a child, we were blessed with not having to care about it - or that is how it should be. It should not hurt to be a child.

I read this on a website and I thought I should share this with you guys. If you are even half a human, you would feel crushed reading this poem. 

My name is Sarah 
I am but 3 
My eyes are swollen, 
I cannot see 
I must be stupid 
I must be bad 
what else could 
make my daddy so mad? 
I wish i were better 
I wish i werent ugly 
Then maybe my 
mommy would still 
want to hug me 
I cant speak at all 
I cant do no wrong 
Or i'm locked up 
all the day long 
When i awake i'm all alone 
The house is dark 
my folks arent home 
When my mommy does come 
I'll try and be nice 
and maybe i'll get just 
one whipping tonight. 
Dont make a sound 
I just heard a car 
My daddy is back 
from Charlie's Bar 
I hear him curse 
my name he calls 
I press myself 
against the wall 
I try and hide 
From his evil eyes 
I'm so afraid now 
I'm starting to cry 
He finds me weeping 
He shouts ugly words 
He says its my fault 
he suffers at work 
He slaps me and hits me 
And yells at me more 
I finally get free 
I run for the door 
He's already locked it 
I start to bawl 
He takes me and throws me 
Against the hard wall 
I fall to the floor 
with bones nearly broken 
My daddy continues 
with more bad words spoken 
I'm sorry I scream 
But now its to late 
His face had been twisted 
Into unimaginable hate 
The hurt the pain 
Again and again 
Oh god have mercy 
Oh please let it end 
And he finally stops 
He heads for the door 
I lay there motionless 
sprawled on the floor 
My name is Sarah 
I am but 3 
Today my daddy 

This was written because some parents beat their kid to death. How could a parent had the heart to do that to their own flesh and blood still wonders me to no end. They do not deserve to be parents, perhaps, they don't even deserve to be human.

I leave you all with this heart-wrenching music video by Martina McBride - "Concrete Angel". I cried watching this video. No kid (or any human being) deserves to be treated that way. Hope this will seep into your hearts and make you feel like doing something about it - like what it did to me.

Have a heart guys. Get on board. Stop Child Abuse. 
The Brat with Opinions,

*all pictures do NOT belong to me. I Google-d it up. This is also written in conjunction with Nuffnang's pledge to help Child abuse. Hey, maybe I'd win something while awaking concern in some of you. :)


  1. budak2 comel pun ade orang nak dera.

  2. the world nowadays is so so evil to an extend that they even want to hurt such precious gifts from God T___T They are born to be loved and cared by us sighhh

  3. the wrong way to express their anger.

  4. That poem is the story of my life....literly.... except i survived

  5. neh.... this are what humans do



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