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Monday, November 8, 2010

SMART ke??

"Ala... nana takpela, nana pandai..."
"Nana tak payah study pun  takpe..."
"You can-la, you smart..."

huh? Exactly how do you define my "smart-ness"? Is it through my flying colors (red-inked) results as noted in my school record book?

Or is it from my 3As a lot of Bs and Cs and 2Ds in my SPM?

Or perhaps through my changing course from Architecture to Mass Comm when I was in my 5th Semester (wasting a good 2 year and half of my life) because I realized I can't do it only after I FAILED the core subject twice in a row?

That doesn't sound at all smart ain't it?

I came back from my blogger friend Jfook blog with this point on my mind. I seem to link to his blog a lot, don't I? lols. but since he is my 'muse' for this post, I have to credit him :). Anyway, he was blowing some steam up about "medical student" situation. Go check it out yourself.

According to society standard, as what Jfook said on his blog (on a different post) "If No A=DUMB, with As(must have as many As as possible)=Smart" then I am NOT smart. I remember the teachers (some of them) used to dismiss me because I am not "Smart".

I might be blessed with a mind that works faster than average and I am thankful for that but if you are going to count my smartness through the number of A's I accumulated in my life, then forget it. The kid who get 20As for SPM alone already beat me by a mile on that.

That said, what I am about to argue here is a tad bit different.  I get HIGHLY  irritated by people who excuse their inability because they think other people are SMART-er than them.

Note the dialogue I posted on top. I get that all the time. Even-though I usually get the almost-last number in my whole class people still say that to me. Until now, I still get that. One of these days, I might commit murder because of it (joking... seriously, joking).

I'm not bragging that I'm smart, (well, maybe a little) but just because you are not able to do something, do not push your responsibility to try to do so with excuse that you are not as smart as the other person. Have you even tried it first? And do you know what hell the other person needs to go through in order to be able to do it? Who are you to judge that the person can or not do something because they are  "smart"? By whose standard is that?

I am absolutely irritated when people refuse to try to do something because they "don't know how" or "tak reti". (My darling little brother is one of them). Like what i usually say to him, "If you don't know how, then LEARN how". Instead of giving useless excuse and inconveniencing other people, you have to try first. Don't simply give up.

Giving up is for people who had tried all way possible. Have you? If not, you are not qualified to say you give up. If you quit, you are just a quitter, a loser, a failure.

I just couldn't stand people who take their responsibility lightly. If you are given the responsibility of doing something, then JUST DO IT! and Doing it half-way, half-assed and half-finished is NOT the way to be RESPONSIBLE. If you don't know how, not sure how then use your otherwise useless mouth that spout useless things to actually ASK and learn how to do it for a change. That's how the supposedly "SMART" people do they work. Seriously, no one actually just know how to do things. They need to learn.

So, OBSERVE, ASK, TRY before saying you DON'T KNOW or you CAN'T. 

Blowing some steam off with some ranting, the Brat with Opinions,


  1. If I can I wanna raise all my hairs to support/ agree with you.
    Not only my sibling, but my group mate also did the same. When they are given a chore, they will ask what is it how to do.
    I was like WTF, if I know everything, then this is no more group assignment lah. They find it out by yourself st lah. I also got my part to work out, ok?

  2. If you raise all your hairs, that might be a tad bit scary, lols. Agreed on your point. It's not like we just naturally know things, we have to learn it somehow...

  3. being smart has many definitions :)

  4. u have a good point there but the truth about this world is not about who is the smartest but it's about who are the one being able to gain respect & wealth out of something... that is smart. Despite someone who did not manage to finish SPM but still able to be the Managing Director of a big company is definitely smart. For now, many of us are facing the same problem with some of the smarty pants around us... just be a street smart person n do what is right ya! :)



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