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Friday, October 22, 2010

Value for your $$$$ "kaching!!!"

Okay, so I am not branded savvy person. I don't care much about brands nor do I know very much about it. As long as the thing is good and I'm comfortable with it, I'd stick with it, despite the price, despite the brand. So, today I'm gonna talk about some of the things I personally used and definitely satisfied with it, and actually not so much of a waste of money.

Don't worry guys, even though there are gonna be a lot of girly things here I'm sure there are some you can pick up too :)

Alright here are some of the things that the brat had use that definitely brings value to her money.

#1Canon 350 D DSLR

price bought RM2100.
yes, I bought it in the early days of DSLR. Yes, it's a basic model and yes, it might not be in the market anymore, but I had never once regretted buying it.
So if you guys are pondering whether to buy a DSLR or not. Stop thinking and just buy it. You can learn the tricks if you want. If you resort to using just the auto mode, it still creates beautiful pictures.

#2 Vaseline products

price bought: nil
i got it free from the Vaseline poolside party I went. I've been using it and it works! I am definitely buying new one if this stock is finished.

#3 Pixy White

too lazy to take my own picture. credits to Jean.
visit her if you want to know more about this product.

price bought: RM35
yes, you might find this product with price much lower than that now in pharmacies such as guardian/watsons. But seriously, this product practically 'transformed' me. It is a two way cake which means it is a powder as well as foundation. u really don't need to put foundation when u use this. I don't usually use it but when I do, you can't miss the difference.

#4 BSL guitar

price bought: RM275
I bought in on sale. This piece could cost you up to RM500, depending where you bought it. I am still not too good in playing it, but this is another I thing I never regretted buying. It looks nice, it has nice figure, it comes with a chord to plug in your amp. Definitely worth my money.

#5 My Acer Aspire 4730ZG

price bought RM2000
can you believe that I got this baby with that low of price? It has 4GB DDR2 RAM, Intel premium dual core processor T4200,  536 ATi Radeon graphic card, 250GB HDD, original Vista and of course with built in camera and speaker. Plus it's dark blue in color! My favorite XD I bought it early last year, and at that time, this price for this spec is super cheap. I was surprised myself. Of course this baby had been uberly helpful to me. So, no regrets there.

#6 Sunsilk (green) shampoo and conditioner.

price bought: around Rm25 (don't really know the price because I throw it in with the rest of the things I bought)
I had used this product when I was in secondary school, but stopped using it for 8 years until recently.
remember I told you I had my straight hair straightened last raya? Well, since it hadn't been a year since I last did re-bonding, the hair where the two chemical join (the tip of my hair) become extremely dry. I had been using a different shampoo before. And just recently I reverted back to this shampoo. guess what, my is no longer dry. It really became, "guna jari pun boleh!"

#7 Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue Perfume (75ml)

price bought RM150
market price: 195

I had always loved this fragrance. Since I was 8 I had always loved it, but never bought it. (My aunt gave me a sample bottle of it). Then this year, I finally get myself a 75 ml bottle when I went to Langkawi. Never once I regretted it, eventhough after that I am tight on budget.

#8 Dymium XOX phone line.

This was their old sim pack. Now they made more affordable RM8.80.
some background on the product here

starter pack: RM 8.80

Most of us a familiar with DiGi, Maxis and Celcom, but people don't really know this product. They are quite new, but they are affiliates of Celcom. (like tune talk to maxis). I believe many of are using the 'student pack' promo because it's cheap right? Guess what with this product, you only need to topup minimum RM10 and you'll get the same amount of cheap rate as student pack. What's more, you don't need to be below a certain age to use it. The rate is just as that!. I had been using this for 5 months now, and I NEVER ran out of credit. Seriously. My dad, who previously used Celcom postpaid, his monthly bills are right around RM250. Now, he can barely finish RM100. I am not lying. By far, this is the most value for my money line I had ever used. If you want to know more, PM me ok.

Alright, I was planning to go to 10, but I don't have any idea what else to add so I'll stop here. tell me what things you have that u never regretted buying/having, or you just feel worth to have?

Something to think about from the brat,


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