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Thursday, October 21, 2010

My hidden Passion

Writing about some hot issues that consist some heavy thinking is a bit too much for me right now since I had just been in a turbulent battle with my assignments.

I'm opting for something lighter, one of my hobbies which I rarely admit or write in any slots in any document that ask me to fill in as my hobbies. Today is a post that is inspired by the earliest blog I had ever followed namely, For someone younger than me, I always taught he has a good head up on his shoulder. Better than mine at least.

Okay, so the moment of truth.... my hidden passion is Anime/Manga. Yes I love all those rough sketches and  drawing of Japanese cartoonist. I love those sappy love story and over interpretations and representation of games and arts and jobs.

Afiq describes himself as a geek. I'm not.

not a geek

If he had his eyes on Tessa Testarossa, my perfect guy happens to be Kenshin Himura from Samurai x (anime) or Rurouni Kenshin (manga). Yes he has long red hair and yes he's frail and looks a lot like a girl and the english version of the anime gave him a feminine voice. But he kick asses way much cooler than Jean Claude or Arnold could even begin to dream off and he could melt my heart with his loyalty way much quicker than Leonardo DiCaprio's smile (when he was in Titanic and Romeo & Juliet not now) could. 

My Kenshiin...

I could list a lot of other "bishounen" or pretty guys from anime or manga that I would fantasize as my hero a lot faster than I could list real-life people. Brad Pitt? Ashton Kutcher? Who's that?

My heroes

My definition of how a friend should be comes from Naruto, Bleach, One piece and Law of Ueki and my love stories perfect or tragic comes from stories like Sailormoon, Full Moon wo Sagashite, Ayashi no Ceres, Skip Beat and that's just some on top of my head. I mean, who needs Shakespeare? (no offense intended coz I actually love Shakespeare too but don't tell anyone)

my tale of friendship and loyalty

My love stories

I'd rather spend my days holed up in my room watching anime or reading manga than watching tv. I'd rather finish my reading or watching the last episode of the anime rather than sleep.

not one

But despite all of that, no, I am not a geek and I am definitely not an otaku (some sort of japanese geeks) either. I am just me. The brat with a weird unique sense and taste. Well, at least I am not being destructive or anything, right?

I wonder if you have a secret hobby/passion like mine?

A simple note from the brat,


  1. its great that you would know what you like and stick to it. btw its nothing wrong being a geek! :D

  2. thanks teh.. btw, i didn't mean there's anything wrong being a geek. I just never see myself as one. Don't think I'm qualified enough. lols

  3. interesting.. maybe you can learn to draw them too.. i have a friend who can draw anime characters well.. haha.. but that's not my cup of tea :P

  4. ken my forte is more to reading and fantasizing. definitely not in drawing. if I try to draw a cat, the cat would probably turn out to look like a dis-configured goat



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