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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Belanga Minum Petang Sensation- YUMMM!

Yup, yet another food review by the ever so bratty brat. This time, the Brat ventured into the Belanga Cafe @ Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang Jaya. It was a boutique cafe specializing in Malay Cuisine and now, it is trying to create a new approach,  a local coffee hub with an international touch. Having coffee paired with our local kueh... just thinking of it makes me droll~

When I was invited by Feeq to the food tasting, I thought, hey finally some local food that I actually know about and can review (with more expert than the last Italian food review). Oh boy, am I ever wrong.

Don't get me wrong, The food are mostly awesome. Only, some of the food I had never tried or just simply haven't heard of. I mean, "tahi itik"? (directly translated as duck shit) You must be kidding me! Even though I was very much doubtful, in the spirit of food tasting, I tried it and man! It was surprisingly good. If you have a sweet tooth, definitely go to belanga and give this a try (sorry no picture).

My bro, Miemy (My Sis) and Me

I went to the meet with my two siblings and we arrived there a little pass 4pm. The ambiance was good and the place was very much cozy and comfortable. After some little intro by the people from Belanga, we were off to the food table.

These we what the three of us accumulate on the table within 15 minutes. Yep I had to warn them to not touch the food before I took some pictures.

As you can see, there are a lot of food that we took, so I'm going to highlight a few that I personally like.

Keropok Lekor "Black Pepper" - It added some delicious spice with the black paper to Malaysian original keropok lekor. The sauce is especially exquisite. 
price: RM1.20/pc

Their cucur udang was also so finger licking good. They made it thin instead of thick so it become crunchy by the side and supple in the middle. It helps that the sauce they use are the same kick-ass sauce they used for the keropok lekor. Definitely a must-try.

The Royal Murtabak. My Favorite of the day. No pasar malam murtabak could compare to this. It's just so.. well, full. 

The special entrance of the day is my Cappuccino! Very pretty right? And it taste good too. I am no fan of coffee, but seriously this is good. Even my sister who hates coffee to the max drinks it! 

see our foam mustache! lols

Apart from the comfy place and delicious food, I get to meet some other bloggers. 

Ann from Darkbatman
The pretty Jacklyn from Sirens
With Rabiatul Adawiyah (credits to the picture to her)

two leng zai(s) - xiang from xiangcool and his friend
(sorry leng zai, forgot your name)

Simon from simonso and henry from babebaboon

Feeq and Edwin
and of course, some of the key players of the day

our host for the day
Super friendly designer, Mr. Munir
the owner, Mr. Hashim

It was a great day of food and fun for the brat. Hope I'll get more invitations to food reviews! Free food and socializing, what else could be more perfect?

Just the brat,



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