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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Double Graduation


Yep, I have finally finished my degree and had my convocation.
The last time, when I wrote about ..... I had just finished my Diploma. I must say, it was quite exciting for me then, being the first time and all.

But this time, despite finishing with distinction and waaaay better result, I wasn't really that excited anymore. Working life had taken it's toll on me. I was actually reluctant to be there (since I had sooo many unfinished work) and I was actually still working even on my off day.

Also - it reminded me that my care-free days are over. It's time to face reality and let it smack on me.

The only reason I even bother to go in the first place, was for my parents. Even if for a short while, I've made them proud. That is all that matters. Oh yeah,  and also the fact that the announcer had to actually say "Anugerah Naib Canselor, Kelas Pertama" (Vice Chancellor Award, First Class) before saying my name. hehe.

So anyway, just thought I'd share some of the photos that I didn't take on that day. (Was too lazy to take it out.) XD

Oh yeah Double Graduation

A few days after that, Broadway Academy Talent School had their first showcase, which also doubles as the graduation ceremony for the students.

Naturally, I also graduated on that day. The performance was a success, we had awesome fun and I have an extra three certificate with me in acting, singing and dancing. How cool was that!

Take a look of some of these picture!

Oh yeah~ I'm a full fledge, totally amateur performer now lol.
This is only the beginning~~

Brat the performer,

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