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Monday, June 11, 2012



When you read that one word, comprises of 2 letters and a full-stop, how did you read it? How did you interpret it? Like every other word that symbolizes emotion in this word, a simple "oh" could have been interpreted in soooo many ways.

Generally, "oh" is understood as an affirmation of something. But the underlying meaning of the affirmation is something debatable.

Depending on the situation. context , the word could mean a lot of thing. So today I want to explore on this little word "oh".

Situation 1
A: Look at that!
B: What?
A: That!

B: Oh...

Okay, are you looking at the ass or the skirt that screams "hey, i just met you, but this is my number, so call me maybe?" hehe

Anyway, in this case "oh" is probably stating "Oh, I see what you mean. Nice one!"

The same conversation, may apply to the opposite with a different "oh"

Situation 2

A: Look at that!
B: What?
A: That!

B: oh!

See? in this "oh" is saying "Damn shit! I see what you mean!"

Then there's also the "oh" that indicates you remember something.

Situation 3: 
A: It's time!
B: What?
A: Don't tell me you forgot!! It's 

B: Oh!

This "oh" usually sound excited and affirming something. Sometimes followed by "shit" "shoot" and other things that indicate they almost (or already) in trouble. XD

There's also "oh" that comes along with a question mark (Oh?)
Like everything that comes with a question mark this "oh" indicates a question. But be careful. Not ALL "oh?" are meant to be answered...

Situation 4:
A: I have NEVER met a guy as coward as you!
B: oh?
Yep it usually come with one eyebrow raised. Be wary. be VERY wary for these kind of "oh". Cause it would usually comes with an action that is total opposite than you expect. If I were you, I'd run. 

In many cases "oh" can be correctly be interpreted with the symbols or words that comes before or after it.
But this one, is the most bewildering one.

Situation 5:
What they said:
A: I'm so sorry. I can't make it. I have to help pick up a friend at XY!

What I heard:
A: I can't make it today, I got something more important than you to do. 

B: oh. 

Yep, when I used the word "oh." To me, no matter what the other person is saying, it meant exactly the above. To me, they just have something else more important than me to pay attention to. 

Which is fine. I mean, I also sometimes have other important things rather than them. In these cases, I would've said "ic, it's ok", or "oh, alright, see you next time". And things like that.

But when I reply only those two letters and a full-stop. You can bet that I'm not okay with it at all. It would have meant I was really looking forward or hoping for it. It would have meant, my heart had just been sliced, and is bleeding a bit. That "oh." would mean

"I'm not okay with this"
"Ouch, that hurts!"
"U are breaking my heart"
"You just completely dashed my hopes"
"So I see, I'm not important enough for you, not the way you are to me."

I'm starting to sound a lot like the overly attached girlfriend. lol

Well, I usually return to normal in a while after that. And I would probably soon forget about that incident.
But still, it doesn't lessen the impact it has on me (lol spoken like a real drama queen.)

So anyway, these are just some of the "oh" that crossed my mind. I bet if I "squeeze" more from my brain, I'll get more. But I'm getting lazier to do so.

Tell me, what does "oh" meant for you?

Will write again when I feel like it XD
The Brat,


  1. hahahaha very trueeee!
    and i got fren actually use "herrrrr" as sigh..

    1. herrrrr...

      lol that sounds more like a growl rather than a sigh. you friend is weird! (pot calling kettle black. lol)

  2. Hey little Brat, apa khabar? :)

    1. Well, not exactly "little". But ok. doing fine :)

  3. Oh, to me is like a mild surprise :)

  4. Hmm, Oh for me, is like you agree, or u understand something. :)

  5. you got the right first image to attract guys to drop by lol Madagascar 3 review

    1. I wasn't even thinking about it, at all~ lol.
      Now that you've mention it, well, that works. Must be the reason u droped by right? haha

  6. Haha not really. But it did in fact tempted me to view immediately =X Review on Comida Restaurant Publika Solaris Dutamas



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