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Sunday, March 4, 2012

You Have Been Fairly Warned!

Dear all aspiring celebrity, stars, rising star, fallen stars, good looking and famous people, or which ever category you might fall into, 

The thing with me is that, I don't give a damn even if people see you as a celebrity or famous or what not. 

I treat you the exact same way like I treat other people. 

NEVER expect a special treatment from me, cuz it ain't coming... 

If you feel like I'm treating you special, please kick yourself very hard because you must be dreaming. 

and NEVER act all high and mighty with me cuz I'll give you the same bad ass kick in the butt just like what I'll do to others who do that to me. 

If you don't appreciate me trying to be nice to you now, be sure to know, I'll not waste anymore time than I already did and take my leave. 

and I'll await for the time you come groveling and eating dirt under my feet. So I'll have the last big, humongous, hearty laugh 

- Yes, I am that vengeful. 

You've been fairly warned.

Sincerely bratty, 

p/s: This is general and is not dedicated to anyone at all. 



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