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Friday, March 23, 2012

Oh so Drama!

Hello everyone!

How have life been treating you? Me? At first I thought life had been tough. I was tested with all sorts of problems and heartaches to the point that I felt like crying helplessly - but the thing is, being in the situation I was, I could not even afford the luxury of crying.

But throughout that trying times, I thank Allah that He made me realize that I was blessed with great people surrounding me. My friends, my employers, my colleague, my family - having everyone around me that is so supportive and understanding, I was able to brave it through and face my day with smile and laughter. - Yup Brat had to pretend to grow up a bit. heheh~


ANYWAY, my topic today, Drama. Being someone who grew up in a hostel, Drama is something that is highly annoyingly normal to me. Despite being in the same general gender as females (lol) who loves to create drama in life, I DESPISE it. Not only it makes no sense, it also make other people's life miserable, total nuisance and it is a pain in the a**!!

Ever since forever (since I can't exactly pinpoint when) I had always thought of myself as being mature for my age (in terms of the way I think, not so much of the way I portray myself).


Ok, that had nothing to do with the point I'm trying to make. Just making a statement. XD


Back to the point, I noticed while growing up, there is always this certain people who seems to make creating drama in life as their permanent job scope.

In my observation, this drama usually stems out from one very dangerous monster called - jealousy.



A is a new girl in school

A noticed B who was sort of a hot stuff in school.

C likes B very much. And pretty much every soul in the school knows about it. 
But B don't really care for C, or any other girls in school. He's the kind that plays it cool and don't really talk to girl unless he needs to. 

A agrees that B is kinda cute, but she don't really care for him. Everything was on neutral ground for A.

One fine day, D saw A and B talking and was laughing / joking.

To A it was just a friendly encounter with fellow schoolmate. 

but D decided to tell C about this little event - in her own distorted version - and ball rolls on as E, F, G, etc gets into the picture. 

The next thing A knew, she was labelled as boyfriend steal-er / slut. 

Maybe it sounds weird to some of you guys, but I'm telling you, it happens. It is somewhat bewildering to me how people can easily label people as they please just because they don't agree with something. How can people be so vindictive and venomous just because they feel jealous that they didn't get what the other person had? I mean, in case of the above example, how did a friendly encounter turned into such a violent rumor?

Why do some people like to assume things as they like, and then, while assuming, they tell others their assumption, plant it in other's mind as if it is the true story? Inception much?

And the others, why u no check the facts and just easily take the uncertified, unverified story and then spread it to others while not knowing the truth?

And those others who were just there "listening" and giving "harmless remarks" don't u know you are not helping to lessen the matter at all? you are encouraging them just by being there to listen!

And those "harmless remarks" are just adding fuel to the fire! Didn't u know?


Of course you do. The thing is, people know that, but for the love of gossiping, and for the love of one-freaking-selfish-and-insensitive-self people decided that to hell with other's life. If I don't get it, than others who does get it, must be bad.

So, when I left school, I was VERY relieved to leave all those suffocating drama. When I enter uni at the age of 18, I remember being among the youngest in the class. A lot of my classmates were older than me. But the irony is, me, being the younger one, seems to be the one who was older. I mean, WTB? (What The Brat??) the same drama here? For God's sake, stop fighting because of such petty things. How OLD DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? Stop doing things that kids do out of jealousy. IT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE!

Somehow along the way, during my uni days, I manage to be as little as possible connected to the dramas. When I heard it, I will just take it as passing remark, shake my head and roll my eyes for the silly banter and continue with my life. And I manage to pull through with the least injury on my soul.

But then come the working environment.

My expectations: everyone is mature enough to know jealousy, is ugly and SUPER DUPER CHILDISH.


Reality: Everyone is trying to eat each other heads. Jealousy, is the food they consume everyday. Gossip and   badmouthing others are their mantra. Drama is the reason they live.


Oh so Drama~

I wish that everyone, you guys, before creating any kind of drama, would step back and analyze why you wanted to do whatever you were about to do. ask yourself, does it worth it to create this drama and destroy relationships? - (which usually is the result of drama) - does making other's life miserable or look miserable will make yours any better? and :


Which usually for me will boil down to one answer : NO

Just two pence of thoughts from the Brat with Opinions,

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