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Monday, January 16, 2012

When the Brat Meets Three Most Random Guys on Blogosphere~

Okay, that didn't really happen. lol. I just thought I should share this awesome little cartoon made by Aki Borneo. The faces are all Ernest's drawing but the rest is Aki's.

Three of the most random guys in blogosphere I've ever personally known.
From left: Ken Wooi, Ernest and Rex (Aki).

It was, a most amusing evening for me. I arrived fashionably and glamorously late, and found three sort-of macho guys waiting patiently for me outside the promised venue. heh.

This is how I found them waiting for me... heheh
Now that I think about it, how many girls can claim that they had three guys - who is by the way, quite famous in their respective ways, waiting for her?

Ernest looked pissed WTB? lol. he's not. Believe me~
Well, I can. hehe...

We had quite a unique connection. I know Kenwooi well back from 2009 through blogging, and had been visiting him quite frequently since then, but never really met him until the "Laser Tag" event last year. I know Aki  through my "Sensei" who directed him to my blog an thus create the connection we have. Ernest's blog I learned through Kenwooi, but I met him initially through my direct email and communication with Ernest himself which resulted to my current insignia of the Blog. Aki know about Ernest from Kenwooi, and know Kenwooi when I brought him along with "sensei" to the laser tag event. But he met Ernest for the first time when I did the "Rendezvous" with Ernest. Kenwooi had been in contact and loyal reader for Ernest for quite some time and had created an unbroken #bromance between them eversince.

So if you ask me who's in the center of this "foursome" (as Aki called it) I would say ME. You don't see any other girl there now, do you??

Okay, actually, I wish it is me. But the truth is, it's probably Ernest. Although we know him last, but he might be the only reason why the four of us could get together like this. He initiated the meet up after all~  ^_^ v.

The more I see him, the more I think he's such a leng zai. hehe.
And he's damn photogenic too!
So, thanks to Ernest, I get to take yet another picture alone, together with Ken Wooi!

Where's the other one? Check out "It's Warrrrrr" when we became the unofficial ambassador for Laser Warzone.

So, this time, as suggested Googled by Kenwooi, we decided to try out Dave's Deli in One Utama. Here's what we had,

Ernest & Aki's  Dave’s Original 1/4 Roast Chicken  
Ken's delicious looking Chicken Parmigiana
My Chicken n Mushroom Quiche

Basically all of us finds our food just a passing mark of OK. We don't fancy it that much, but we were still able to finish up the food without throwing up. The food is a bit too stale and cold (since the style of preparation is a bit too Subway-ish) and the price we pay for it is a bit too "hot".

Okay... That's it for now~ I wanna sleep ~ ~

Eh? What?

You guys wanna know more about these three hooligans Leng Zai-s?

Do I need too? Seriously?

Owh Alright....

From Left: Ernest, Rex, Ken Wooi
Ernest, is the author of "Bro, Don't Like That la Bro". In overall, a mature guy, committed to his work and very very nice. He's much more "tame" if you meet him when the sun is up. But as the night turns in, he gets  more hyper and crazy (in a good way). He claim it as his "peak" time. hehe. His randomness is so very awesome that I had to cite his randomness and put it on my blog's description. Yup that bazooka, cursing,  velociraptor, fairy loving guy, is him.  He writes a comic blog which mostly tells the story about the wacky life he shared with his "bros". To get to know him, you guys can check out his blog, like his fb fan page and follow his twitter.

Rex (Aki), is the author of "Si Aki Borneo". This afro guy hails from Sabah and has a very quiet demeanor- if you don't know him. Sometimes, it is quite difficult to understand what he is saying since he always seems to be in lost of words. Of recent, he became more attached to the word "fucking" and "shit" and mostly substitute every other word he can't seem to recall with those two words. lol. His randomness can very much be seen in his blog. He blogs about... well, everything that seems to dwell on his mind in that one moment of time. His topics are usually topics that does not really cross a normal human being's mind and thus, the reason why I crown him as "random" hehe. To get to know more about him, check out his blog, like his fb fan page and follow his twitter.

Ken Wooi, is the renowned author of Recently nominated in Hidden Gem Category for Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blogger Awards (NAPBAS) 2011, Ken has THE MOST FUNNY and RANDOM blog I have ever came across. He blogs on numerous things, which includes, false news based on recent issues, events, other VERY random topics, and of course, boobies. Heh. His humor is in a place I could never, ever, ever, reach! However, in person, he is such a cool guy. As cited from Ernest, "no cucumber could ever be as cool as Ken" - and I absolutely, 140% agree with Ernest. Ken's demeanor will make people assume he's much older than he really is. Unlike what seems to be his personality on blog, Ken is such a sensible guy, who rarely laugh but always paste a cool (almost knowingly) smile on his face. To get to know more about him, go ahead and check out his blog, like his fb fan page and follow his twitter.

Okay, I think that should cover it, hehe.

Disclaimer *My description of these three is very much only from my very limited personal point of view based on the very limited time I spent knowing these guys. It may be subjected to extreme hyperbole and inaccuracy due personal bias, extreme fatigue and highly sleepy state I am in while writing this. 

I enjoy making friends, thus, If I had any chance, I always try to go to gatherings and meet up people like this. If you guys wanna meet up with me too, feel free to send an invitation by commenting or you can just send it to:

My fb fan page:
My twitter:!/NanaEddyanie

On a side note, I have gotten my EXCLUSIVE calendar from Ernest!

Awesome stuff I'm telling ya! Be Jelly, very Jelly!! hahaha~

Aite, see you guys sometime soon!
Brattiest brat you'll ever know,


  1. wahh wahh..imma fucking envy! oppsssss..haha nana kem salam sama earnest..hehehe he is sooo cute lor~ =D

  2. Ho ho ho.. this is FUCKIN AWESOME Dinner!! Nice comment!! ^_^.v.. And I Love You All!! ^_^.v..

  3. dah followsini . jom usha sana

  4. wahhh got free calender, yuan lai u suka beard man :P

  5. @suzai. yep he's the best!
    @aki. er.... haha
    @ali.. will do!
    @Kian Fai. where got free. I bought it, oke!

  6. Very jelly now~~ >_< Ernest is really leng zai in person lor~~ XD
    Ken is like what you describe. Aki - haven't meet him in person =P

    Cutebun FB
    Cutebun Twitter

  7. probaly he meet u after meeting me, recognize the shirt...

  8. I know this is really random, but Nana you are so cute! haha.. and the food looks reallyyyy good...

  9. great to minggle with new friends kan..

    btw I've just voted fot you on Worlds Bloggers And Social Media Awards 2012

    Plsss vote for me back for THE WORST BLOG OF THE YEAR @ "click vote di link ye.. tankiuuuuuuuuuuu

  10. I'm so jelllyyy!!! Haha the cartoon strip was funny :)

  11. Fabulous post and beautiful pics Thanks for sharing :)



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