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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Owning something that is not yours.

Have you guys went to a place and then thought to yourself "Wish I have a place like this..." or, "One day, I'll have a place like this..."

I dunno about you, but I did. Numerous, thousands of times. Now that I have reached the age that I would like to have some kind of property of my own, even much more so. That was most probably why I shared My "Secret Garden Dream" previously.

But I have no intention whatsoever to live outside of the country. I mean overseas, is a nice place to visit, but home is where I belong. (although I might reconsider it if it is following my hubby - which means, he'll have to make ALOT which would allow me to fly back home anytime I wish XD) Anyway, as I was wondering where could I possibly find a property that resembles or "close enough" to my dream house without having to design or building a new one - which also means an existing building, I stumbled upon this website called PropWall.

This website, has a large list and pictures of Malaysia property.  This site boast of being "Malaysia's largest FREE property resources website with over 2,000 property analysis articles and 200,000 high quality property photos."

It not only consist of properties for sale, but also properties to be rented. Which means, if you are looking to find a place to start a business, or a stall to rent or a house you can simply go there and have a look around. I bet you'll find some places that might meet your fancies.

The site even have a page where you can ask questions of specific kind of place you're looking for and get answers from the users. Which also means you'll have the perfect avenue to advertise your space as well.

Or, you can always use the newly created "Classifieds" section to advertise your property, or check out what properties are available on the market.The site also list down the "hot" or "most wanted" site for the property.

The page is fairly easy to navigate so it shouldn't be a problem for you to find what you're looking for. And the loading time is also ok, so you wouldn't be stuck in the middle of your search, and have to re-search it all over again.

So, if you're looking for that place you have been thinking of for a while now, waste no more time, and head on to and have a look around. You might be pleasantly surprise with what you might find.

Just an informative yet boring post from the Brat,

p/s: I Dunno why I am in this category for a blog awards thingy. But since I did, do vote for me! "" XD Thanks! hehe

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  1. that's wonderful, hehehe dream higher,taller n bigger. yeah, who doesn't want that kind of house. but right now, i just wish i have enough money to decorate my room(T_T).i'm so poor.huhuhu



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